Will Bnet authenticator support BB Bold 9780?

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Seriously, we have been waiting for months, ages... no response at all. (But they always update for iphone?!?!)
Blackberry is a well known mobile phones in all countries with more than millions been using it. And Blackberry Bold is top model especially this new one (that out for months) BB 9780 with touchpad.

All i'm getting from bnet authenticator downloaded 4USD from bnet website is that it was "INCOMPATIBLE"!

Please make it support! We all wanting this authenticator to protect our account.
BUMP! Any feedback on this?
3rd bump as i saw Win7 BMA just released. If u're not going to update your BMA in online store, at least give us some workaround -=-'''.
I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

Lol funny stuff there, Liogela. Anyway i'm glad at least it get some attention, so that you, may or may not, inform your team that there are another blackberry brand that need some updated.
I knew it's sux to pay 3 USD to download BMA, and found out that your model is not compatible... It's even more worse if u get hacked because you have no BMA...

My old model blackberry work just fine, but the new model just refused to work with the BMA... Thank you for your post, and hopefully that you will ring your team about this and get it to your meeting topic! Else we would have to quit my new model BB, and buy another brand that get supported :(
Please! I have a 9870 too! I want to start playing as soon as I can give security to my account!
I am bumping this up again. Why cant the software be developed for 9780. It's not exactly a new phone!
^ this is bs it works for NEWER bb bolds now but not the 9780 like wtf did we just get trolled by blizz

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