Transfer aborted. Instance not found

Technical Support
Ayyup. Qued up, got in a group, and then I am met with a loading screen.

It just sits there for about 5 minutes and then eventually returns me to Stormwind and says "Transfer aborted. Instance not found."

Has happened even though 2 restarts. No problem with zandalari heroics or regular heroics.
This has happened to me as well, I'd imagine it's just the overwhelming traffic of people trying to kill Ahune since he's new and shiny.
Same thing happening for Baradin Hold on Terenas ATM.
Same for Bronzebeard. "Transfer Aborted: Instance not found."

Not running any addons either.
I just resubscribed to WoW after installing it on my new computer, so I have no addons running.

Same problem, the loading screen is frozen no movement by the progress bar.
"Transfer Aborted: instance not found"

*edit* - Well I joined a random heroic, same thing happened.
Happens for me on my 15 druid. Kinda annoying.
Just checked Stockades too, same deal.
Happening for any random heroics i try and queue for.
Only "Slightly" annoying
Same deal on arathor, problem extends to all raids
That message indicates the instance servers are working overtime. We're aware of the issue and are doing what we can to minimize the issue as much as possible.

In the mean time, wait a moment and then try to enter the instance again after you see that message.
Technical Support
Want to speak with someone directly?
How's my driving?

Check your G-diffuser system!
its locked my game up several times. this is dissapoint. :(
Slave Pens and Molten Core are both down on my server. Not sure if any other instances are at the moment.

Edit: Just read Eck's post. Apparently all raid instances are down.
BWD, throne, and BH are non functional at the moment. If they don't come back up before tonight, we don't raid.
Edit: Servers working overtime? You mean mass quantities of people are raiding bh, bwd, throne, and bot mid afternoon?
Probably has more to do with the fact that Mid Summer started
and Many people are running (Ahune)-Slave Pens.
Waiting didn't help any =/ did you mean minutes or hours?
Same thing happened to me 2 times in stonecore que,, first one glitched ,, 2nd one got in, 3rd one glitched ,, trying to lvl my dk good thing im tanking
Guess the raid is cancelled for tonight? Bot / BWD / ToFW transfers aborted.
Looks like i'm cancelling my groups raids tonight.

Some instances appear to be affected and some aren't. Scholo and Slave Pens were affected for me but idk about any other ones.
<---- Sad panda

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