Vbomb vs Glennbeck

Bleeding Hollow
He said he DID not bubble or use lay on hands, but he has forbearance...anyone know how this could've happened?


Also this is more recent because he was still trash talking....

And then he begged me to do 1 more... and this is how he played it

After over 20 mins of waiting I fake taking fall damage and we duel, he pops lay on hands so I follow him, and tries running away. I stun him out of duel range and is forced to flee


So why am I saying this? If you duel Glenn be ready to face his lay on hands, flying mount afks, health potions, druid buffs, and trash talking.
Druid wolf EAT
I heard Glennbeck normally doesn't lose duels
Glennbeck is the best ret paladin ever cause I saw him say it in all caps in trade. Just cuz he lost a duel doesn't mean anything
Glennbeck is the best ret pally on the realm.
Vbomb is pro....that is all
Your UI hurts my feelings
^ Best dk on server, and tootsie, I'm too lazy to find my old UI ahaha
Can I be the 2nd best DK?
No you can't.
Glenn Beck is hot IRL, and wicked good at WoW and Vbomb used his bubble I think he just photoshopped the picture!
Furyhammer is clearly pro reaching 2.2k on level 1 Human Paladin! I wish I could do that. :(

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