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No one asked about Sunwalkers while my account was inactive?

Forums, I am disappoint.
Q: Is Elune a naaru?

A: During a recent visit to Darnassus by Velen, he explained that the kaldorei's description of Elune, as well as the demonstrated powers of the goddess, matched his experiences with powerful naaru. He began to offer advice regarding how to commune with powerful naaru, but Tyrande thanked him for his opinion, then cordially requested that he refrain from making such outlandish claims when in Darnassus or in the presence of Elune's priesthood.

That's a conspiracy waiting to happen.
No one asked about Sunwalkers while my account was inactive?

Forums, I am disappoint.

They received something like 1600 questions. Not everything was addressed.
06/23/2011 02:02 PMPosted by Hûntër
That's a conspiracy waiting to happen.

Elune is Malorne's mom, so somehow I doubt that she's a Naaru.

But yeah, I was -really- hoping for more answers.

What we have is great, but i'm saddened there aren't more on the way.
Why is Velen so disrespected by Blizzard?

He's some kind of prophet, yet, he has no interaction within the Alliance. Now, the NE leader says 'GTFO of Darnassus.'

Draenei need something major done to them. There is no reason to keep them Alliance, there's no reason to turn them Horde, they are just there and practically neutral.

Learn to read.... She didn't tell him to GTFO, she told him to not make such claims around the priesthood. Not really that surprising... I mean, if you worshipped a deity and someone said that the "all-powerful deity" is really just a powerful being from another world, wouldn't you be pissed.

If anything, this opens up a few possibilities. For example, Elune could be a naaru, and maybe Tyrande knows it but doesn't want anyone else to know, or she's in denial or something.

If it proves to be true that she is a naaru, well this is actually awesome lore for the draenei since it means they have a great connection with the night elves.
Raktah, could it be Khaz'goroth?
Although it doesn't explain what happened to Lordaeron's harbor(s)...
I just love Tyrande's reaction at the possiblity that the NE may have their heads as far up their asses as everyone else concerning the order of things.
06/23/2011 02:23 PMPosted by Wilhiem
The Forsaken navy is composed of ships dredged up from the bottom of the ocean. Most of them were once among Lordaeron's fleets.

This is the best thing ever.

Indeed :)
This is so delicious, thank you.
06/23/2011 02:58 PMPosted by Avaruu
I'm not 100% but I'm sure they originate from Draenor.

Their origins are completely unknown, but there's no reason to believe Draenor.

The naaru have been in contact with Velen since shortly before their escape from Argus. We don't know how many naaru there are, but there are more than we've seen.
Also, with the exception of the two that traveled with them from Argus, the naaru didn't arrive on Draenor until shortly before BC.
If Elune is a Naaru at least she is not the dumb kind of Naaru that wont lift a finger against a Lich King and that'll actually send stars from the sky to you know. Kill bad stuff. Not just 'hey. This guy's dying let's send him to heaven. Wait there's a war going on here? im outta here!'

To me it doesn't make sense that she'd stick to the Night Elves alone if she was a Naaru. Sure, the Naaru also 'chose' the Draenei, in that aspect, but when you look at M'uru's sacrifice which was all for the Blood Elves' redemption...they seem a bit more even-handed than giving priestesses the power to summon starshards amongst plenty other things.

Still. Now Elune is going to end up as a Naaru, even tho she's never talked Night Elves into the whole 'Army of the Light' drivel aongst plenty of other reasons why she's not a naaru.
06/23/2011 02:51 PMPosted by Jostie
I will not believe Elune is a Naaru. It is a great controversial topic to ponder on. But really, it's just that, controversy. Think about it, the Naaru are not native to Azeroth, and never have been. I'm not 100% but I'm sure they originate from Draenor. Probably not, but I know they are definitely not from Azeroth. So then how could Elune be a Naaru if the Night Elves lived on Azeroth all their life, where Naaru have never once existed. They just magically came up with a belief of a creature that they've never seen? (Don't get me started) And Elune is made up entirely of their religion, so that being said how they depict her is merely -how they depict her- If was a Naaru, there is no real way to identify her, Elune was the name given to her by the Night Elves, it is not her actual name as far as she is aware. And Naaru have no gender I thought.

A few things.

Assuming you read that...

The naaru themselves are quite a mystery. They are definitely NOT from Draenor.

I actually found that tin-foil hat to be quite plausible.

And as for

06/23/2011 02:51 PMPosted by Jostie
And Naaru have no gender I thought

And in Catholicism, God doesn't have a gender, but they call him Father/He.

Or a car/ship/phone doesn't have a gender, yet we call it a girl.

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