Moonfarespam: The Moonkin PvE Guide

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So I have a question to throw out there for some people, so I have Heroic Cunning, RF Will of Unbinding, and Bottled Wishes, I have been using Heroic Cunning and RF WoB, which should I be using now? Would Bottled Wishes be better if used with Incarnation?
man i have been searching the net for quality info for boomies and have found none .. All the info i have found is rotations and stats for mop wonder why they havent released a good video or thread with current rotations gear and stat priority . I know this had nothin to do woth your thread but it looked like u knew what u was talkin about so if u can make a boomie viodeo or find some good info for 6.2 it would be valued . theres so many boomie out there lost as heck cause theres no good info out . see i main a boomie but i pvp alot trying to get back into the raiding scene with no aveil so if u have any info or guids pks share add some good links and videos pls thanks for your time
Try the top of the forum. There's a guide by Cyous there that has up to date information.

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