Moonfarespam: The Moonkin PvE Guide

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No luck on the trinket dropping. The bracers did tho, and then another awesome guildy gave me a staff he got while farming trash :D
I do not understand why dreamstate is considered a mandatory talent. I used it when I was getting heroic isntance gear. After I got some gear I specced out of it because I never go oom. I don't see the need to being specced into it when I could user other talents to increase my dps in different fights.
But Lunar Shower is a DPS loss in most fights. I'd rather have dreamstate
how is it a dps loss what else can I put it in, I never drop below 70% in any boss fight
Drop LS and you get more dps on multi-target encounters like ryp and beth, but you also develop mana problems spamming SnF. So you grab dreamstate to keep from going oom.

Also god forbid you die and get brezzed, its nice to be able to innervate to 50% mana.

I think graylo said it best in his blog:
"In a strange way patch 4.2 showed us how poor a talent Lunar Shower has been all along. Prior to the latest patch we always picked it up because there was no reason not to. The other options we had were fairly poor, and it did provide a nice utility. Once Blizzard added a downside to picking up the talent, we had to reevaluate it's benefits and the truth became clear. The main thing people were using Lunar Shower for was to delay Eclipse transitions. Since that was being removed as a possibility in 4.2 then Lunar Shower didn't provide a whole lot of value."
08/06/2011 05:46 PMPosted by Lifelight
I do not understand why dreamstate is considered a mandatory talent.

I don't understand either, because it's not considered a mandatory talent...

Although shown in the spec (in order to advance down the tree), the following talents are NOT mandatory:
Gale Winds
Solar Beam
Owlkin Frenzy

About regen talents:
Euphoria, Moonglow, Dreamstate and Furor (in the feral tree) are the 4 'regen' talents. Euphoria also has a throughput component, with the extra eclipse energy proc, and is therefore a mandatory talent; in essence, we get the mana return for free.

Dreamstate is now the strongest regen talent, since you are very unlikely to give your innervate away anymore. Furor still has good synergy with Dreamstate, so if you find yourself routinely going OOM, grab Furor in addition to Dreamstate. Moonglow can actually be a good option if you are normally good on mana, but run into trouble while multidotting.

08/06/2011 09:25 PMPosted by Lifelight
how is it a dps loss what else can I put it in, I never drop below 70% in any boss fight

You can put in a lot of effort and make it not be a loss in most situations, but the benefits you get from the talent are so small that it's honestly not worth the effort to put that much thought into AoE. Our AoE is already a lot more complicated than most classes.

And, honestly, if you're not dropping below 70% anymore, you're probably doing something wrong on fights like beth'tilac and rhyolith. In both those fights you should be spending all of P1 in solar eclipse, which means you're not getting any mana from euphoria.
Honestly, I Innervate myself constantly.... Especially on Beth'tilac and Rhyolith, when I'm on add duty. Those kill the mana, and being able to give myself almost an entire mana pool back is awesome.
I dont know how to link it... but i just noticed something that may change a trinket.... im not entrely sure though

Fiery Quintessence.... 1.5 min CD

Rune of Zeth.... 1 min CD and more INT

does the 383 spirit outweigh the 383 crit (both going to haste assuming) and increased INT on use?
Fiery=319.25 int and 383 spirit
Rune=319.17 int and 383 crit

Quintessence wins
how did you get that? if i may ask... my math has been kinda fuzzy
uptime/CD*int gained
by doing that...

Zeth = 319.25
quit = 319.17

with more int coming out of the rune the longer the fight goes... (assuming im thinking clearly)

(obviously im assuming i get horribly unlucky with bale and Loot Council)
yeah, got the two confused. But the hit is so much better than the crit that it overweighs the maybe one extra trinket use that you get.
assuming you need the hit... i mean...

from what it looks like.. well be having too much hit this tier
I've started looking at hit as basically mastery/haste, since that is what will likely be replacing it with forging. I dont think we will get to a point where we cant reforge to under the hit cap.
AHHHH that makes sense..... ok sorry for cluttering
Hey! I read if we needed advice/help to post here wait a bit and what not so here's my question.

I leveld cat way up to 80 and I've healed somewhat too, decided to try boomkin out and so far it's pretty fun. Probably a very nooby question, but the eclipse bar and such...Do we need to swtich back and forth or can we stay at one the whole time, I don't really understand why we have two sides. Is it because of procs making us do more damage then another school of spell or?

So, the solar side will increase the damage of your nature spells, and the lunar side will increase the damage of your arcane spells. But when you're in the solar side, casting wrath (our nature damage nuke) will move the bar towards lunar, and when you're in the lunar side, casting starfire (our arcane damage nuke) will move the bar toward the solar side. So simply by taking advantage of the damage increase of the side you're on, you'll end up moving the bar.
Hi All!!!...

Anyways...My guild and i are working on Ragnaros, and i am here to plead for a couple of tips from much better Boomkins than i..I think i will drop the current spec i have and pickup Dreamstate, and change my Starsurge glyph with Wrath..are these changes warranted, or are they bad?

Even though i rarely post i am a avid reader of your post's/guide's Eluial, and iu want to add you do a great job with them. If i could get a quick reply to this it would be great considering we pull at 8:30 ^_^..

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