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I'm going to be playing WoW again, and 'properly' this time. Which means actually reading quests, and doing dungeons when it calls for it. I am just as nooby as anyone else when it comes to the story and such, but as for tanking and DPS.... I have minimal experience already.

I'm thinking of rolling a Tauren Pally, as that's what others have advised. I'll have Cataclysm soon, but I'd like to get people added before I start.

A small group/guild of people, preferably with voice chat, and a friendly, or comical environment would be nice.

Ever seen The Guild? Yeah, I'm like Bladezz, cept, not a 12 year old girl, or a p@#!y back stabbing... yet hilarious rogue.

So, yeah, anyone want to make friends? Alliance of Horde is fine, depending on the majority. But I'll be rolling a Pally, even though every race for Pally sucks.
LOL! I can write a script for Codex... I can easily get that Neurotic. She inspired me to try WoW and create a Priest.
Actually, I'm talking to Vince aka Bladezz on Google Talk. :P

You can see my blog tribute to Geek and Sundry:

There's also an interview with Vince "Bladezz" Caso there ;)

(Beware, I'm pretty nervous when doing the interview!) lol
are you still looking for someone odin
is anyone in any realm looking for someone to level with and maybe give me some pointers on how to play well...especially dungeons and bg, as i struggle with my currecnt toons
Its so sad that you are all horde :( not cuz I don't like horde but because that means I cant help, Im not a guruu but i know a fair bit so feel free to roll a toon on the Dreadmaul server with alliance, Add me real ID "" and ill be there to help...

Btw Im using this toon to start a guild instead of my 85 cuz i want to be a healer for my guild,, anywayz if u want, ill put you in my guil... It has only 3 players so its not like you will have the perks of a lv25 but ill help train you up to be good PvE'er :) and take care of your needs ie. repairs,food and occasionly gear and gems + watever in guild vault...

So if you wanna come over but not join my guild alls good :) but u can add me and i can help you if u ever get stuck anyways. hey cuz im rich ill give u some gold to get started <3

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