Need ideas: lighwell click responses

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Hello fellow priests! I'm working on an addon that will deliver one of a random list of messages when someone clicks on it. It's meant to reward and entertain people for clicking on the lightwell.

(The addon is called Lightwell Buddy and is available on and

Edit: To anyone wanting to get in touch with me, please leave a comment or PM me on or wowinterface, or by going to this forum:

As of January 19th, I'll no longer be subscribing to the game and won't be able to respond to you on this thread. I'll do my best to maintain the addon going forward, but if there is someone else who would like to assist, please contact me as well.

I'm looking for themes and ideas for these messages... for instance:
Complimenting lightwell:
"Your hair looks nice today :-)"
"Have you been working out"?
"Is that a sparkle in your eye or is that just my reflection"?

Sexy lightwell:
"That's the spot"
"Click me harder!"
"That's it, one click and you're done? How typical."
"I've had better".

Sensitive lightwell:
"Dang it, stop poking me!"
"That hurts, man."

Intelligent lightwell:
"+1000 intelligence points for clicking me!"
"Nice click, you're almost as bright as me"

I think you get the picture. I'm looking to either expand on the themes given or come up with a different one that is sure to entertain :-). thanks for your ideas.

Sounds like a fun idea. But how do you create the addon so that it works when someone else uses the lightwell? I'd use this addon for sure
Edit: Changed my mind. I installed this. It works. I'm pleased.

A few of mine:

(Insulting lightwell.)


- Say, bro. I heard dyin's bad for your health.

- Better click me more. We all saw you standing in that.

- The healers have a pool on how many more times the paladin's gonna LoH you before he loses it. Might want to click me again.

- I'd sing "This Little Light of Mine" but the lock's felguard b*****d so much last time...

- Really? You didn't see the big purple turd flying in slow-mo for your head OR the giant purple pee-puddle under your feet? Really?


- Nice save. I dub thee, "Sir Derp."

There are more. That's enough.
06/27/2011 02:01 AMPosted by Luciferi
Sounds like a fun idea. But how do you create the addon so that it works when someone else uses the lightwell? I'd use this addon for sure

06/27/2011 02:19 AMPosted by Kiorae
Its an addon called RSA, i think what the OP meant was he/she uses that addon and you can customize it to say things when you cast spells, or in this case, when someone clicks on lightwell.

You remember me :-) Yes, I tried RSA and a couple other addons, but I wasn't satisfied with them only being able to deliver one phrase in response to a lightwell click. So I went to the UI and Macros forum here and asked if anyone knew of any addon that would do this. On the forum, Choonster gave me an untested version of an addon that would accomplish this, so I've been spending the last two days getting it to work. He has now published a working version of the addon on

It's a very basic addon, no frills or even a graphic interface. You have the open the core.lua file itself to add the phrases you want it to say randomly in response to your lightwell clicks.

when you download the addon from wowinterface, you can then open the core.lua file contained with any text editor, like notepad. Find the section that looks like this:

[1] = "Thank you for using the Lightwell %u!",
[2] = "May the Light bless you %u.",

Follow the pattern and add as many messages as you like.

Now, on to more pressing concerns, does anyone else have any feedback with ideas for themes? This thread is awfully devoid of creativity at this point :-(
omg lol. Very nice, I'll have to use some of those.

I'm still working on the addon. The author gave me some code that maeks it send to the proper party/raid chat :-). it has an issue where it doesn't work until you do a /reload after logging in that I'm still trying to figure out. Otherwise it's working good after a /reload, gotten several good chuckles out of people in randoms from it. Thanks for the original idea :-)
06/27/2011 10:57 PMPosted by Kiorae
Np and you have noticed it tho right? People click it once when you first put it out, and after they chuckle, 90% of the time after that they keep using it on the different bosses as well. :D

Totally :-) I've been running instances the last couple days to test the addon, and I was surprised to see such a positive result from players... like... they were almost clicking it too much :-)

Speaking of, version 0.02 of the addon has been released with a fix an issue with a /reload problem (basically the addon wasn't working unless you /reload at least once). Working good now.

Again, it can be found here:
06/27/2011 10:40 PMPosted by Kiorae
"AMG someone actually clicked me!! /heal"

This one would be appropriate with my groups. /sadface

I have 'lightwell counter' and its sad to see 'Lightwell 15/15 charges' at the end of a bossfight.

Find this addon at:

Maybe I'll look into merging the two addons.

^not my addon btw, just an innocent plug for a well built addon.
Is it just me or is the addon not working right now due to the recent patch?

Thought I had the most recent update (from 6/28, so I thought was post-patch), but I don't see any nifty sayings popping up when any of my priests plant a lightwell and people click it. :( I've tried reloading in case that was the issue again, but no luck.
This addon almost makes me want to try holy :D
I dl-ed it too, but it isn't working... I Love LOVE LOVE the concept, I am so excited to get in to my raid and do it up and make everyone laugh their asses off at my pervy comments, and yes, I will think of some good ones once I am doing it, but for now, the 7 I jacked fromt he idea man there are not working :(
Edit : I deleted the file and re downloaded and did it all again... now it works... putting it up in SW and people love clicking it... gonna add a bunch of funnies now lol

thanks so much this addon is ASWESOME!
I did take a number of Kiorae's so I'll try not to double post... but here's more. They give me a laugh anyway.

"On behalf of your healer(s), thank you for using the Lightwell, %u!"
"ZOMG! Someone actually clicked the Lightwell! Thanks, %u!"
"Does my sexy heal over time turn you on, %u?"
"Hey, %u, has anyone told you how totally sexy you look clicking that Lightwell?"
"Heck yeah, %u! Click me again!"
"Come toward the light, %u!"
"Admit it, %u. You want to click me again."
"There's more where that came from, %u."
"Fire is bad but the Lightwell is awesome! Wouldn't you agree, %u?"
"Nice save, %u! Now we might not have to pick you up off the floor when this guy is dead."
"If more people knew how to click like you, %u, we just might have a chance to kill this guy!"
"Don't get fresh, %u!"
"That's right, %u. You do all the work so that lazy priest can stand there and look pretty."
"The next time you touch me like that, %u, you'd better take me to dinner first."
"I'm here for you, %u. Even if the healers aren't."
"Meet you back here in say, 6 seconds, %u?"
"See that, %p? %u doesn't need you anymore, he's got me!"
"I got your back, %u."
"No way they can blame this wipe on you, %u. You clicked the Lightwell just like they told you to!"
"You had to click the Lightwell, %u? That can't be good. Run out!"
"If anything happens, %u, blame it on the tank."
Should have it so it all goes into '/e 's Lightwell Says:...' - otherwise RDF people might not understand haha
Functions perfectly for me. Would love to know how to get it to announce in /raid instead of /say though. As ranged-heavy as my guild runs, I know some people are going to miss the messages.

Now to hope it actually WORKS. You know, to encourage people to click on the Lightwell more than once.

Bearing in mind that the click-responses are going to come from me and not from the Lightwell entity, a guildmate and I were able to come up with a few more, in addition to some of the ones I have seen here.

Unfortunately some of them are pretty stupid and a few involve inside jokes, but the idea is to encourage people to click it, if only to see what it says next. I have a %u in all responses, making a few of them slightly awkward, in order to keep track of who is clicking.

Hopefully after tonight my other guildmates will have some input. Assuming they don't make me disable it and ban it from raids.

[1] = "I love it when you click my Lightwell like that, %u... do it again.",
[2] = "+10 to Awareness check, %u, roll a d6!",
[3] = "%u can fight and click the Lightwell at the same time - MAD SKILL!",
[4] = "%u puts the Lightwell on its skin or else it dies again.",
[5] = "Of all the Lightwells in all the raids in all the world, %u clicked on mine.",
[6] = "%u, I love the smell of Lightwell in the morning. Smells like... victory.",
[7] = "I have always depended on the clicks of strangers, %u.",
[8] = "%u clicked the Lightwell? INCONCEIVABLE!",
[9] = "I don't care what other people are saying, I think %u is awesome.",
[10] = "I let you click the Lightwell this time, %u, but next time you have to take me to dinner first.",
[11] = "No one is healing %u but it's okay... they clicked the Lightwell!",
[12] = "I hope your hands were clean when you clicked my Lightwell, %u.",
[13] = "If you can read this then %u clicked on Lightwell.",
[14] = "Lightwell happens, %u.",
[15] = "I'm sure %u can think of an appropriate internet meme to turn into a Lightwell joke this time.",
[16] = "Maybe if you click Lightwell again, %u, you'll get a better random response than this one.",
[17] = "How many clicks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Lightwell, %u?",
[18] = "42, %t. The question is 'Who is awesome enough to click on Lightwell?'",
[19] = "Finger clickin' good, %u!",
[20] = "Thank you, click again, %u!",
[21] = "It has been scientifically demonstrated that clicking Lightwell makes you more attractive, %u.",
[22] = "If %u uses the mouse to turn, how do you click on Lightwell?",
[23] = "By clicking on Lightwell, %u just saved money on car insurance.",
To change it to say in /e (emote) rather than /s (say), from what I researched you have to (in the LUA file)...

SendChatMessgae(message, SAY, nil, nil)
and edit all ur messages to have "'s Lightwell says:" (if you want!):
[1] = "'s Lightwell says: Thank you for using the Lightwell %u!",

I havent tested this as I'm at work, nor do I even know if it will work! (im not a dev so dont laugh at my noobness >_> )

>.< so save a copy before you fiddle with it hehe
used it tonight in my raid... so everyone clicked my lightwell at LEAST once, it was so great because never, ever has this happened. New goal is to try and figure out how to put it to wispers, because one sourpuss complained about in in says... so I am sure that link in the lua file will get me through it, here's hoping.

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