Need ideas: lighwell click responses

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12/02/2011 11:41 PMPosted by Nerfmagnet
There she is! I'm gunna call you Mrs. Peanut from now on.

My bladder's operational capacity is of no concern to these fine folks. ><

Lies. :p

Ya, she did :-P sadly, she was a naughty girl and all of her posts removed. You can see a few posts where we quoted her on the first page though, on her other toon.

My bladder's operational capacity is of no concern to these fine folks. ><

Piss in the lightwell! ;-P
12/02/2011 11:53 PMPosted by Nerfmagnet
Also, it was so weird clicking it and seeing some of the responses I had come up with like the one about waking up in random places and being groped. "i need a new owner" :D

Yup, thanks for that one as well ;-P Most of my messages are personalized now that I've added the ability to send specific people their own special messages, but this one is still reserved for puggers ;-P. I usually flip between profiles that use a lot of your messages, the "fortune teller" lightwell, and the "kitty killer" lightwell in groups.
Oh, you haven't seen it recently?! First off, there's an in-game configuration now which you may not have seen since last playing with the addon. That's old news though.

Second, in addition to responding "use" events like the original, it can send different messages when the lightwell has sat idle for a while, when it expires with charges remaining, when it expires with all charges consumed, and when summoned... among a couple other specialized messages. It's a pretty comprehensive lightwell messaging service, and I'm still looking for other ways to improve/expand it.

The ability to send "idle" messages and personalized messages are my latest additions I'm quite proud of :-). My lightwell starts singing about how lonely it is and how nobody loves him when it's not getting clicked, and of course delivers personalized insults to my raid leader :-). Fun to play with, but I rarely get to run holy. Ah well....
I just tried out holy spec today with this new addon in pugs. It works wonders! I don't think i'll be respeccing back to my PVP spec anytime soon because this addon is just undeniably FUN! According to recount, lightwell was actually the top healing spell in a handful of boss fights haha. People seem to be genuinely entertained and amused by this addon! Kudos to you :-). /Salute.
Just set it up today. So far everyone loves it!
This addon makes me happy on my priest :3 Just what I was looking for.
I've updated the addon to enable localization, hopefully without screwing up anything else in the process :-). I realize probably just about everyone reading this forum is only using the enUS locale, but if you're interested in providing translations for another locale, let me know.
I ran across someone who had this addon. I think it defeats the purpose of its intent simply because during a fight, you don't have time to read what it says since you have to concentrate on downing the boss/adds.
And, you also open up the case of people clicking the lightwell just to read what it says, thereby losing the intent of lightwell(for people to click it when they really need it and not just to read the funny statements).
So, in a way,t he add on can be detrimental.
Your complaints have long since been addressed with the ability to blacklist people, implement message cooldowns and specify a maximum health percent in order to recieve a message. And of course you can just disable it if one of your groups is abusing it. It's up to the priest to use the features of course. Most priests probably do not because they're just using it for fun and try to get people to notice the lightwell in the first place... even if their use is not ideal, as you pointed out

Keep in mind that there's more to the addon than just the fun stuff presented on this thread. It can yell at people who double click the well and people who use it when they shouldn't, as well as keep track of charge counts. From the summon, idle and expire messaging, there's more you can do with this addon than just focusing on the Use events that you're more critical of.

By the way, I totally agree long messages are hard to read and don't really have a place in difficult fights where people won't have time to read them anyway. You can make multiple profiles for this reason, where you can make more "raid boss appropriate" message settings, or no messages at all. This addon seems to get most of its use in 5 man and pugs.

Way ahead of you :-p
I've finished setting up curseforge's localization tool to make it easier for any translators that wish to participate. You will be credited for your contributions :-)

Find it here:

Thus far we have Korean 100% translated, and traditional chinese partially translated. I played around a bit with google translate and the russian locale, but I don't trust any of my work there ;-P

Thanks to any of the bilinguals who may with to help out.
I love lightwell buddy and absolutely love using it - not just for the "fun" it gives to those who do enjoy reading the comments, but for me to see who is using it to help mitigate their own damage.

I also love that it can now be configured in-game.

However, I did run into an interesting situation that I thought I'd toss here for contemplation. I was in LFR and one solitary person asked me to turn it off (I guess the comments were distracting them). Several others said not to, as they liked it. I apologized for it being distracting, and explained that while the comments were meant to be fun, it also lets me know who just used it and will be receiving a HoT, so I know to throw my heal on someone else instead. There were no other complaints and we moved on (and I continued to use it where needed). Then, on the last boss someone started clicking the well incessantly to tap it dry asap. I would have loved to have blacklisted that person, but being in the midst of combat, I was afraid to even try.

Is there a way to "slash blacklist" someone in the heat of battle? Or are there other suggestions for how I could have handled the situation?

Again, thanks for all you've done - I dearly love my lightwell and the lightwell buddy add-on has been absolutely wonderful!
./waves at Hershe

still lovin' this addon!! :)
I'll occasionally be standing by the AH in Org and someone will whisper me demanding I put down my Lightwell. How can I say no? :D
Is there a way to "slash blacklist" someone in the heat of battle? Or are there other suggestions for how I could have handled the situation?

Just type "/lwb blacklist" while you have the player targeted, you don't even have to type the player's name out.

And thanks, you're inflating my ego a bit ;-P I saw this as a potential issue myself and I added the ability to blacklist someone via slash command a long time ago :-). Although I made it more as a solution to having to type in those funky å œ ∂ ƒ characters that nobody knows how to enter. By the way, this feature is described both on the in game tooltip, and on's addon description :-P
Thank you so much for telling me this - I may have never found it reading through the tooltips. LOL What an awesome solution!

You truly do rock, though - I *love* the add-on for so many reasons and appreciate all the hard work you've put into it! Thank again!
Couple of announcements.

Firstly, I've incorporated the abandoned Lightwell Counter project into Lightwell Buddy to provide a graphical counter. If you're not familiar with the addon, it creates a small display showing the number of charges left and fades out as the lightwell nears expiration. It can be configured and enabled/disabled in the lightwell buddy configuration window. I appreciate any feedback to tell me if this new addition is or is not working as expected.

The Lightwell Counter and Blacklisting options have been added to their own tabs in the configuration window to make all of the options easier to read. The instructions on how to blacklist someone are also more prominent now as well (your welcome Moondansyr ;-P)

Secondly, As of January 19th, I'll no longer be subscribing to the game and won't be able to respond to you on this thread. I'll do my best to maintain the addon going forward, but if there is someone else who would like to assist, please contact mel.

If you would like to get in touch with me, I you can leave a comment or PM on or

You can respond to the following non-blizzard forum thread, although I'm not as likely to notice your comments here:

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