Need ideas: lighwell click responses

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How cute! love the phrases
I don't want to be that annoying person that points out a typo, buuuut... When you choose which channel to broadcast your announcements and such, you used "witch" instead of "which". :> It's not some big deal but I just noticed it.
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You saw nothing.

... Nothing.

New features have been added to help control spam, prevent mis-use and to deal with those grouchy people you may have encountered who don't want messages sent when they click the well.

1: Blacklisting
You can now add the names of players to a blacklist on the configuration window. Useful for dealing with people that like to spam click the lightwell to spam messages, and useful for causing the addon to ignore people who don't want messages sent when they click the well. This only applies to the "Use" event.

2: Use Cooldown Time
You can now control the number of seconds that must pass between sending messages. For example, if a player causes the lightwell to send a message, no message will be sent when a player clicks the lightwell again unless the given cooldown time period has passed. Only applies to the "Use" event. Useful, of course, for preventing massive floods of spam if the lightwell is clicked in quick succession.

Hershey you are awesome! thank you for showing me this addon
Just a small update. I'm not sure what the future of this addon will be with the Lightspring Glyph, but at the request of some of the addon's users, I've added support for Lightspring. The addon will display remaining charges for lightspring, and will make self-announcements when a charge is used. You can enable the randomizable announcements in the configuration menu (disabled by default for lightspring).
Thanks! I'll go update mine. I figure once we're not going low on progression, the clickable fortune telling Lightwell will make a come back.

I've had a few people complain about Lightspring because of my lack of fortunes.
Ya, I figured a few people would find it cute to make messages that said something along the lines of "The lightwell has clicked you!", but that novelty would probably be soon lost.

A lightwell that is used as a raid cooldown without the glyph where everyone clicks it at once has no need for the randomized announcements. And, of course, if you're not using the lightwell for a raid cooldown, you may as well glyph it with lightspring, so the whole need for announcements has kinda been lost.

Mostly it's just a toy for fun now, but perhaps some people will find it useful to monitor charges used for lightspring so they can practice with the best time and location for placement.
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