[H] No Respect - Recruiting All Raiders!!

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<No Respect> We are a guild that has been around since the start of WOTLK made for the RAIDER and like minded. We are looking for Mature players that are tired of pugging and want to clear content on a steady schedule because There is no worse feeling in the WoW than realizing that everyone around you just isn't as serious about what you're doing. We don't want that. We want serious, mature players who are passionate about being the very best they could possibly be.

We are currently in-search of the following:
Death Knight - All
Druid - All
Hunter - All
Mage - All
Paladin - All
Priest - All
Rogue- All
Shaman - All
Warlock - All
Warrior - All
Monk - All

Weekday group raid schedule:
Tuesday - 8:00pm - 11:00pm est
Wednesday - 8:00pm - 11:00 est
Thursday - 8:00pm - 11:00 est (Only During Progression)
Invites @ 7:50 & we will never ever go later than 12:00 Midnight on any day

If you have any brief questions, you may contact theHutch in game via whisper or in game mail
Hutch's Battletag - theHutch#1563

Basic expectations / requirements of all perspective applicants:
-Ready and able to use Ventrilo (Speakers and a microphone)
-A reliable connection
-Motivated attitude
-Class wise (Know your class inside and out)
-Well rounded with game mechanics (Move out of fire...)
-Attention span to focus on progression for a Minimum of 4 hours a scheduled raid night
-Ability to endure multiple wipes without complaining or getting loot
-A flexible sense of humor (Sometimes we talk about other things than wow in vent).
And above all else
-Understanding of leadership and the ability to follow directions and assignments when you're told by the Guild master, Raid leader or another guild Officer.

Bump for firelands
Bump for 1 tank
Hello. I recently applied to the guild, but would just like to know, do you contact applicants via e-mail or directly from the main website?
I applied also and same question as above.
Just come join us!
After i review a applicants submission and it has been accepted or deinied via the guild site i will contact a player via in game mail or whispers to talk to them further to start a trial period.

Also to note that a applicant can feel free to contact me anytime in game or the site to check the status of his/her submission.
Thanks for clearing that up :).
Bump for 1 tank and 1 heal
Disc Heals Prot War interested if you want to message me in game :)
Bump for backup raiders
Bump for 1 dps
Bump for 1 pro dps
06/24/2011 05:08 PMPosted by Hutch
Warrior - High - Dps


Herp derp
Bump for a few Pro dps
In need of 1 Ranged dps to fill out or 10m
bump for ranged dps

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