[H] No Respect - Recruiting All Raiders!!

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Bump for a pally/shaman/monk heal
Bump for Wod
i am looking for a guild that is mostly weekend focused with runs in endgame and rbgs. it is hard for me to commit during the week so ideally weekend is best for me. or a guild that is ok with me not being able to attend ever weekday event. but can be relied on for fri-sun

a little about me i have been playing mmos since ultima online and have been is some amazing and successful guilds. my guild has mostly fallen apart from the downtime between soo

wow in particular some of biggest achievements are
several server firsts in vanilla mc through nax as an warrior off tank and dps
warlord ranking in the old pvp system in wow (an insane play time demand)
2k plus rbg rating last season on dk

what i bring to your guild
experienced and teamwork focused
frost dk dps and target calling for rbgs
primarily tanking but also dps for raids depending on your needs
my dk and warrior
several friends also looking for a home (healer and dps)

let me know on here or in game #xpld1609
bump for raiders
bump for Highmaul
Still working on normal progression, but interested in having a guild that I can gear up and move on to the more difficult stuff with you guys
Excaliberx i will contact you today from my battle tag thehutch#1563 i would love to have you and give you a home you can grow with
Bump for recruits new to raiding

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