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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

But really.

R'lyeh Awakened is a ten man raiding guild that has been around since mid-WotLK. We are one of those tight-knit guilds of friends who push through raid content at our own pace. One could say that we're somewhere between casual and serious.

Currently, we have two purposes for recruiting.
1) We're seeking one ranged DPS--Order of preference: Spriest, elemental shaman, or a ridiculously exceptional ret paladin. <--(yeah, not a ranged, shh, and by ridiculously exceptional I mean like.. your rotation should be near perfect at the time we recruit you and you should be very well read on your spec. Taking a third melee over a ranged is a big deal nowadays!)
2) Other players interested in 5-man content or older content for mogging gear, as well as just a social guild would be accepted with open arms. Don't like feeling trapped on a weekly raid schedule? Perhaps joining in an alt run, filling in a spot on our main run when someone can't make it, or joining partial PUGS with guildmates would be more for you.

Our raid times as of now are Saturday (7-11), as well as Sunday (7-10) both server time.

Other stuff!:
We're currently level 21 (almost 22!)
We have roleplayers, but do not roleplay as a guild with events and the like.
We're all over 18 years of age, and enjoy a drama free environment (woah!).
Edit: We're moving into the Firelands now! 6/7 down, onward to Rag!

If you're interested in our guild and have more questions, feel free to contact me in game, send a mail, leave a post here, or even /who R'lyeh to find us! Thanks in advance!

P.S. I'm sure I left something out, and will update the thread as needed. :x
I like it.

*thumbs up*
Hi, I am interested in your guild. I just recently returned from deployment so I just made 85 but I have lots of tanking experience, I also have other toons to include 2 healing classes. I know that I am not geared yet to go tackle the raids but I am tired of running solo since I came back. I hope I hear from you guys soon.
Back to the top with you!

..and we'd be happy to let you see if you like the atmosphere, Soullich! Gear is never a problem, part of the reason we're recruiting more in the first place is for people interested in 5-man content. We can be patient and helpful with anything, as well, from explaining fights to helping out on a quest or achievement since you just hit 85!

There's nothing wrong with helping PUGs out, but teaching a guildmate would be much more satisfying!
Obligatory support bump.
Rawr rawr they are awesome guild!
I wish I was more into raiding, currently I have less interest then even before.
However the little muffin above is teasing me with all the guild perks for joining as casual member. I probably should! But the question is can they handle a dragon as a member? o.o
I once ate a dragon burger........I lied, it was chicken. =(
You told me chicken burgers weren't real! ;-;
06/27/2011 06:13 PMPosted by Nkiyase
You told me chicken burgers weren't real! ;-;

Oh yeah, turns out it wasn't a chicken burger, it was.......uh.....uh.........uh.......................Well about time I be hittin the ol'dusty trail. *Gets up moving across the aisle stopping to nod at some random person wearing a hat* I like your hat. *Moves out of view for a few seconds before the fire alarm goes off* Found the fire alarm.
To the top with you!
Back up we go! Whee! I know you rogues are. . . hiding . . .out there! We don't bite, I promise! (Unless you're into that)

Mew mew
06/28/2011 09:39 PMPosted by Ailanya
Mew mew

Yay! Now all we need is some Divia love!

Oh, and a rogue too.............I guess.
Yeah, I'd like Divia's input as well.....and a rogue. =D I'm going to go warrior tank, so all that agil leather gear is going to go to waste. =(
Still looking! Don't be shy!
So far so gewd.
We've found a rogue! Still hoping for more people to do other things!
*Attaches thread to arrow before shooting back to top*


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