Roleplaying 101: A crash course on Characters

Wyrmrest Accord
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I enjoyed this. I did indeed read the whole thing, and I will be reporting this for sticky. It deserves it, and the little bits of humour thrown in made the read just that much easier.

And on another note, I will be using this to help flesh out the character for my draenei priestess, and possibly her sister as well, if I can get my IRL sister to read this thread.

(I was supposed to be out buying groceries an hour ago! Ahk!)

EDIT: I would also like to state that I usually start broad, like suggested, but it isn't until I actually start roleplaying that the details start forming. Like with my troll rogue, back when she was a troll rogue, she started as a prisoner. From there, I determined that she was an exiled Bloodscalp, and was caught stealing supplies from Grom'Gol Base camp to feed herself. Tada, details.
I really enjoyed reading this, as it's pretty obvious you appreciate one of the things I love about WoW the most: societies and cultures, and how characters are influenced by it. You really know what gives more life to a character, and you're able to put it into words and not wordvomit! For that, I thank you.

Reported for a sticky. Thank you for taking the time to write this, I appreciate it and I hope many, many, many people take the time to read it. It's substantial and has comedic flair, too!
Must. Obey. Skintaker. Must. Sticky. Thread.
I greatly enjoyed this. Requesting permission to post it on my guild website. Pretty please?
06/29/2011 06:43 PMPosted by Hesseth
I greatly enjoyed this. Requesting permission to post it on my guild website. Pretty please?

Does your guild's website not allow you to post links to the wow forums?
Bump, why is this thread dieing?
I am uber guilty on using pop culture refrences, look at cheel for lawds sake hes named after the main protaginist from portal and his bloody former wifeys name was caroline.

well thats the only pop thing about him *besides being very like a creaper from minecraft* and well I allwayse allwayse ALLWAYSE do the same damn thing for my chariters, they are defunct or defective in some horible way.

Osh? hes a gad danged living abombination for peet sake.
Cheel? broken pyro sociopath thadle make horatio laane throw away his glasses and say 'da hell with dis bro.'
Trevora? anger issues, slight repetitive tendencys, crystals made his hair fall out and obliterate his horns and now these orphan tears got me seein things... wait.
Scott? actualy semi normal too also a pop refrence to TF2, he stays out of worgen form as much as posible and knocks on any one who is a doggy just because.. well hes a !%#*.
Kreeku? (aka bossan) weeabu burn victom that prefers to look like a night elf in shadowform and bashes his own kind because.. well hes a damn weeabu, no one loves a weeabu.

:| what the hell is the matter with me? jeeze I attract the weirdest crap into my tiny noggin.
Bumping to save from the clutches of Page 2!
Inspiring Post. Sticky Please!

Everything your character is, has been shaped by the lore they're a part of. They aren't you, because you didn't grow up in Darnassus/Ironforge/The Red Dragon Flight (dragon rpers please press the back button now).

Except no one has grown up in Darnassus unless they're very very young, and to that point, not grown up. ;) Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine.

Great guide otherwise!
Love love love this thread. Going to post a link on the guild website so some of our newer rpers can get a good feel for character creation, and am definitely going to probably use this as a good basis for fleshing out some of my new characters! I follow a similar process to what was outlined here, but perhaps a bit more chaotic.

Also, reporting for sticky! Definitely deserves it!
Off server sticky request & bump.

Because this guide is just that nifty.
And I give this thread the bump of approval.
Shu'halo bump of approval!
*rubs bleary eyes*

I did it....I read the whole thing!

And I voted for a sticky! Great job for a great community!



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