Roleplaying 101: A crash course on Characters

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This is Halloween! *bumps*
Dances the maccarina ( its been a while i forget how it spelt. man knowing that song makes me feel old.)
LOL bout time. Congratz man. :)

An Update:

RP 102: The Revenge of Society

is coming along quite nicely. I'm taking my time, because I want to be certain the information within is complete and clear this time, as I felt I rambled a bit the last time. I would expect a post within the week.
Excellent guide... especially for those that have never role played. The thing I would like to point out is stressing the reading part. As a former member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) reading the Lore/History should be required for all role players. If you have been role playing for ages like myself this guide has a lot of useful information for RPing in WoW.

For all things the same there will always be small differences.
This was an awesome thread! I'm a pretty experienced roleplayer, and even I learned a bit.
Ya lost me when ya said that "gnomes are not really people"
Ya lost me when ya said that "gnomes are not really people"

If you took me seriously when I wrote that, you have no ability to take a joke.
Read it, and thank you for taking the time to place this information. As a medium level roleplayer, this will definitly help me on my new home pn WrA!
Also, im looking to join an RP guild, with slightly dark theme, if anyone is interedted while i develope my character right after this post.
Email me if you like,
Dis guide be da good stuff mon, tanks for puttin' in da time.
RP 102 is already stickied. Be sure to read it as well!
Will have to keep to this. This seems interesting enough. And sorry for my Horde being on Moonguard, but I do believe too many hate me there.
08/15/2011 12:52 AMPosted by Shadowswills

Patience is a virtue.

Thanks for this RP guide, now I'll be glaring angrily at a notebook for a long time to come trying to figure out my character. I don't even have this much to me, and I'm a real person! Jeez man, you must be one of those thinking people! I'm not. There's no fun in that.
So after a little WoW sabbatical, I plan on coming back and transferring to Wymrest who's developed a good reputation for RP. I started this character on Kirin Tor, so I'm not completely new to it. However, after reading your guide, I do have a question about some things you wrote and am looking for some clarity.

Mary Sue:

- A Mary Sue in literary criticism and particularly in fanfiction (your roleplaying character is essentially a fanfiction character of the warcraft world!) is a fictional character with overly idealized and hackneyed mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as a wish-fulfillment fantasy for the author or reader.

I do not want to be labelled this type of RPer. Yet at the same time, I have earned a lot of stuff inside the game - benefit of playing the same character for 7 years, I guess.

My question is: if a player has earned a title in game, is it appropriate to go by that title?

Examples: I've got the title Lt. Commander from the original PvP system - is it too far to go by such? Granted, I can see the Stormwind Military having several different wings and divisions and I would never try to order around someone I didn't already know - tossing my rank around. But in the context of a small elite force, collecting intelligence from Warsong Gulch (Intelligence is what we called the flag) or supplies from Arathi Basin or conquering a strategic position in Alterac Valley - Rhinjet is a Lt. Commander?

Or say the title Kingslayer for killing Arthas. I would never presume that Rhin and her merry band of 24 amigos where the only ones having a hand in slaying said king but she certainly played a part. I would equate it with the soliders that took Normandy Beach - that was thousands of men but all could share in the title.

Am I making sense? Am I in left-field looking the wrong way? Help a rusty RPer out! =P

My axes think I'm special...they never lie to me! *Blinks* Wait, what was that? *puts the skull faces of her axes to her ears*

...No! I'm not gonna kill the OP! He's a meany face, but still has good info! *grumbles* Ok, I'll ask...

Hey, meany face OP? They want me to kill you, but...I don't wanna right now. Is it ok if they just cut you a bit? Blood always calms them down.

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