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I am looking for a guild that caters to this. I have been looking online for the past 2 years now and I haven't found a great guild to join that is gay/lesbian friendly. My last guild I felt like a son there and when I told them I was harassed so much I left and switched servers AND changed my name so they couldn't find me. Now, I am left without a home and feel very lost. I have heard that proudmoore has some of the best LGBT friendly guilds to date and I am very eager to engage in one but I have no clue if they are all alliance/horde based? Does it matter or should I just make a toon and hope for the best?

If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!

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Horde definitely has the GLBT-Friendly Population on their side; though Alliance does too. Come on over.
What are the guilds names?? I would like to play ally cause i think horde doesn't serve a girl toon well lol. But horde would be pretty cool to roll with too.
Stonewall for alliance (i think thats what its called) and anything with the word Taint for the horde. There are many guilds under their banner (Tainter Tots for example). The whole server is very lgbt friendly so there is no shortage of guilds you could apply to. Hell, even my guild is really nice hehe :)
This thread is relevant to my interests as well! <3
<She> is always open to mature, open-minded people.
We don't raid. We're more of a social, leveling, farming, achievement, do-everything-else-type guild full of really awesome people.
Feel free to give us a shout.
All of the top raid guilds on Horde are LGBT friendly.
You'll find that pretty much all guilds are LGBT friendly even if they don't advertise themselves as such.

Good luck with your search.
The entire server is LGBT friendly. Taint is a conglomeration of several guilds all using the "Taint" name in some form. Check out the website for more information on us.

The Stonewall family of guilds on the alliance side is also a great choice. I'm not sure of their website, but if you google them, I'm sure you'll find them.

Both Stonewall and Taint are large guilds where you might find a happy home, but being large guilds, you will find some people you click with, and others you don't. There are several other guilds on both sides you might also find fit you well. Make a toon on each side, do a who, and chat with 8 or 10 people on each side, see how it goes... Maybe read trade chat a while, but remember most of the banter in trade is 'tongue in cheek'

Hope to see you on Proudmoore soon!!
I have been trying to find a guild to level with, but not luck, can any of you invite???
I am a straight male, looking for a LGBT friendly guild! (look at my name =) )

Weird? Nah, I just wanna immerse myself in a wide variety of people!
I am a straight male, looking for a LGBT friendly guild! (look at my name =) )

Weird? Nah, I just wanna immerse myself in a wide variety of people!

The world needs more people like you. <3
Thanks, Scoris! Muah!
I was once in both the Taint, and The Stonewall Families.
I left the Stonewall group when I left the server to be with friends on CC.
I left being a Tainter when I went Alliance.

OP, and everyone else, I can honestly say that both Meta-guilds have some pretty awesome people. They have their hard-cores and casuals alike, and no, not everyone is peaches and cream with everyone else (but then who is).

You'd be hard pressed to find such a variety of people anywhere else. Yup, some good people.

Oh...BTW, this isn't my main (any one of them), But Hello Proudmoore, I have returned...

(The fun part, you have no idea who I am =P)

EDIT: I'll give you a small hint. When ever I logged out, I always said "Catch you on the flip side!"
<Stonewall Senior Guard> Alliance faction on Proudmoore, the best realm in the game, is more than just a LGBT friendly guild! We are fun loving, funny, easy to get along with, generous, and all members are 30+ too boot!!..This is a unique guild for the player who has wisdom, maturity and not necessarily game experience..The guild's commitment to you is to help you reach your in game goals no matter the pace...Vent is a social medium and will never be used for criticism...

We have the usual amenities and are seeking players of all levels or experience...We pve, quest, pvp, instances, and strive to start raiding...So bring your friendly self on over and have a chat with me about your goals...pst me when you're ready or ask any Stonwall Senior Guard when I will be on again.....

May the Light Shine on You...
Karen :)
Pendragon is LGBT accepting on the alliance side. Chat is clean and not about who likes who's butt or discussion of sex practices. Guild chat is game oriented. Very nice folks. A classic old school social all content guild. to apply
ugh you guys know there is a guild finder option and if you use it you can go through all the server of your faction and see who exactly post is LGBT friendly. I joined this server the other week and found tons and tons of LG guilds my first... well few minutes. So I assure you its not hard to find a guild that suits what your looking for.

but Good Luck, and if you wish to play Alli come over and say hi some time.
for one of the LGBT side for one of the many Stonewall, ours is all applications are done thru there.
register using your Toon name that you want as your main, but not by any means only toon you may want in guiild either. once done, click apply to join. no ETA on when those go thru and are done, but you can get an idea of what we're about as well.

in my time with this branch of Stonewall, i've met quite a few amazing peopele, and some even local to my area. some of continent as well.

hope this helps
Anything Taint is wonderful on the Horde side- specifically started there due to friends in the guild, and they are really wonderful people with a niche for whatever part of the game you like the best. Definitely worth looking into- Proudmoore being LGBT friendly was one of the things that helped me choose this server.

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