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I was a Taint member and i had transferred here to join. Left after a bit as 50% of main chat was guys talking about sex, some on illegal drug use and non game issues. Couple of members were kinda creepy to the gals as well. Who wants that? I'd say Sparkle Magic for horde or the original non copycat stonewalls for alliance
At times I think it'd be great if we had some kind of collective list of guilds on this server that are not LGBT* friendly. It seems like you throw a pebble, you'll hit one that's supportive, which is quite the opposite of most other servers (that I've heard of)--but I also wish we had a warning list so new members looking for a safe place could steer clear. I love PM for its progressiveness, and I'd like to help look out for our own.

Or would Blizzard find such a list inflammatory?
I was thinking about transferring and came across this thread. Yes, I'm straight, but I found this fascinating and would love to partake. Can anyone give me a brief description on Proudmoore? Are both factions friendly? Are there any guilds that do vent interviews and are highly personable (specifically in the Taint group)? Any casual and open-minded raiding guilds? It's so hard to find the perfect fit sometimes :P I appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
I know this is technically a necro'd thread, but here is an answer anyway.

Firstly, Maxdps made an awesome FAQ thread which might answer some other questions:

I think you'll find that pretty much every guild is LGBT friendly (and to be honest if you're on Proudmoore and you're not then you're on the wrong realm).

Proudmoore as a realm is awesome. I've been here since I started playing WoW back in December 2004 and haven't ever been given any reason to want to transfer off.

Both factions are friendly (or so I've found, I was Horde until faction changes). Alliance players outnumber Horde though. As for your guild question, I'm sure you would be able to find something that fits for you however I haven't been in the guild hunting scene for quite some time so can't really answer your question in detail.

Good luck finding a home no matter which realm you choose.
I recently just made an alliance lbgt guild. come on over and join.
Server:Moon Guard
Guild: Knights of Protection

we are an RP, Leveling, questing, Dungeon's .. will try to do raids once we get more ppl in. oh and we're all 18+ at the moment. So come on by and pst me.
TAKEOUT is also and LGBT friendly guild here on Proudmoore. Were just starting out though. Our Chat is PG rated, and we are a casual quest and pvp guild. Were here to have fun and still be a safe place for all mature acting players..
Our goals are to have a rated BG team, without being sticklers about gear or pushing to be the best, but to have fun. We also do guild events and guild runs.
best thing about proudmoore: immaturity and hate aren't tolerated and haven't been tolerated for 8 years. trolls and bigots have no home here.

all i know is we have a few of them and they dont like us using the (G) word or the (L) word.
I'm cool with it.
<A League of Their Own> is a brand new LGBT guild on Proudmoore (Alliance) Server, however, ALL are welcome!! I have been wanting to make my own guild for a while now, and I am looking for like minded people to share in building our guild family.

The guilds goals are geared towards spending time together and building solid friendships.
We enjoy doing Old Raids, Instances and Heroics, LFR, PvP, and Achievements together.

We are accepting both Max Level Characters and people wanting a new start for Mist of Pandaria.
We do however want to keep the guild full of just good people, so I will need to speak to you briefly before I can invite you to make sure your a good fit.

Please come check us out, and whisper any member and ask them what they think of our environment.

I look forward to meeting and spending time with anyone who enjoys a relaxed and fun social atmosphere.

<Stonewall Senior Guard> Alliance faction on Proudmoore, the best realm in the game, is more than just a LGBT friendly guild! We are fun loving, funny, easy-to-get-along with, generous, and all members are 30+ too boot!!...This is a unique guild for the player who has wisdom, maturity and not necessarily game experience. The guild's commitment to you is to help you reach your in game goals no matter what pace..Vent is a social medium and will never be used for criticism.
We have the usual amenities and are seeking players of all levels or experience.. We pve, quest, pvp, instances, and strive to start raiding. So bring your friendly self on over and sit down and have a chat with me about your goals..pst me when you're ready or ask any SSG when I will be on again....

May The Stonewall Senior Guard Light Shine On You..
If you're still looking for a place to call home on Proudmoore, and interested in Alliance guilds, feel free to check out the Stonewall Champions, the original LGBT guild in WoW. We've been around since beta, and while our guild is slightly smaller than some of the other meta-guilds, we focus on having quality, mature members that are interested in a social atmosphere, as well as people who want to raid, pvp, and even a few RP'rs. You can find more information regarding the Stonewall Champions at

Best of Luck, and Happy Adventures,


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