[A] Sons of God 10m 7/7 - Recruiting Tank

Sons of God are a semi-hardcore 10man guild on Frostmourne Alliance, we raid 2 nights a week, but aim to keep up progression to a top level.


We are currently recruiting 1 tank for heroic progression.

- Tank (pally/warrior preferred)

Although we will consider any exceptional applicants if you're the right fit (especially hybrids).

Raid Times:
Wednesday 7pm - 11pm AEST
Sunday 7pm - 11pm AEST

About us:
Due to recent attendance issues, we have been forced to recruit more players to bolster our close-knit raid team.
We aim to stay competitive with the top guilds on the server, while still keeping minimal raid hours and having fun :D

As such, most of our members are former hardcore raiders who have been at the top of server/oceanic progression.
So if you have the experience, but don't have time to commit to 4 nights a week of raiding, we may be the guild for you :)

With firelands just around the corner, we would like to hit the new content with a solid group.
If you would like any information, contact Bestchance/Lovenest/Espex ingame,

or drop an app to our forums @ www.sonsofgod.biz/forums/

<3 bnzai
A disc priest who's done well in 4.1 would be ideal.
Plus you'll get to group with me.
I get to group with you? A stupid Warlock? You really think that sounds good? Well listen. I got the game and I made my first friend. As you can see, I chose to be a rogue (excellent choice), and he had chosen to be a Warlock (seemingly better choice).

Now in the beginning it was all fun and games. Killing things, getting our level, no big deal right? As we got higher, we ran into real issues.

Everytime an item dropped, no matter what it was, he would say "It is better suited for a Warlock", and click the Need button. At first I didn't question him, thinking that he must have done his research. However, as this went on, I figured I would ask him.

Now I know if an item has intelligence, it will help me raise my weapon skills faster, which is vital for a rogue, because I am all about my weapons. But he says, no he needs the intelligence for his energy. Then, if an item has strength, I know I need it to hit harder. He says, no, he needs it because his normal attack is not high. He needs to make each one count. Fine.

An item dropped that had stamina for health. Mine right? I am a rogue, I need to be able to absorb damage, but yet deal a high amount of it. No. He said he needs to keep his health bar as high as possible!

You can see where I am going with this. Every drop should have been mine, by my explanation. Yet he took it for himself. I can't stand it anymore. I finally said, listen maybe you don't know everything. He said, fine, type in this command : /who Warlock. He said find the HIGHEST LEVEL warlock you can, and keep messaging him on each item, asking who it should go to. After messaging several warlocks for over a period of an hour, I realised that not only were they selfish, but very very rude too. The majority did not reply to me. The few that did said 'yes sure it's for a warlock', or 'give it to the lock'. They would link to me purple coloured items and laugh. Few would answer more than a few questions, although I added many to my friends list and message them whenever I'm online.

So good luck to you guys. I am a rogue, and I will not be in a group with a warlock, because guess what, I want to get some items too. Guess what, just because you can wear everything, doesn't mean that others should be naked. Guess what, congratulations on making the most greedy unit. This is a social game, and you just lost a friend.
bump ^
Beardbeard, Tom has something to say to you:

I spill myself another drink
I count the whiskers in the sink
The orchestra is blind
But I've never been the worrying kind
Subsequently and furthermore
I'll sleep right here on the draining board
I will never be paroled
I like to drink them while they're cold
All I've got is empty pockets now
that sounds so like dream beardbeard!
bump for tank
turn up the lights in here bonzai
i want to see everything
bump for new shaman
i think the last word was elemental or resto.

imo resto would be a better fit. just spam chain heal, right? also we just 7 manned 2/7
this needs to be up the top. we need a resto or elemental shaman to trial for wednesday night's raid.

submit an app on the forums http://www.sonsofgod.biz
WRU shamans.

honestly we'd take a holy pally too, coz our holy pally decided after 6 years of healing he wanted to be a selfish dps. i hate those selfish dps.
yeah i just pugged chogall and i hard casted fear multiple times on 2 targets to break them out of mc (had 4 other warlocks as dps they couldn't do it)

<----------------- team player.

also i drain life if i think the healers are very bad

<-- (team player)
07/05/2011 12:20 AMPosted by Dreamalittle
yeah i just pugged chogall and i hard casted fear multiple times on 2 targets to break them out of mc (had 4 other warlocks as dps they couldn't do it)

oh god, dont remind me.
Sons of god currently has a spot for a a healer in either a disc priest or Holy Pally to work into our main progression team. Currently 4/7 before tonight and should be 6/7 after tonight. We raid as listed at top and feel free to ask us questions in game.
bump for a decent healer

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