Your favorite Wow character.

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Sylvanas AND Cairne Bloodhoof.
hmmmmmm I've never thought about this; I'm gonna go with.........hmmmmmmmm

Sylvanas Windrunner!

I also think Illidan could have been done better. I would have loved to see him redeemed instead of just adding to the list of characters that corrupted/went crazy that we needed to put down.
Crusader Bridenbrand
Can't pick just one, so here's a few:

Medivh, Jaina, Bolvar, Aegwynn, Maiev.

I wish the Gilnean heroes of the starter zone didn't fade into obscurity. :(
Tie: Baine Bloodhoof, Tirion Fordring, J.J Keeshan, and Harrison Jones. I don't find the latter two 'hi-larious!' so much as 'blatant wish fulfillment and it feels so good'.
What are you people talking about Thrall is the best character ever.
Illidan Stormrage hands down.
Kelsey Steelspark.

Such a badass little gnome chick.
Currently active: Baine Bloodhoof
(or anyone but Vol'jin and Sylvanas)


Archmage Rhonin or King Varian Wrynn.
tie between Sylvanas and Darion Mograine. Now if they were to get together as a couple and combine the forsaken with the knights of the ebon blades then that would solve all of my problems as well as choosing between what my favorite faction is.
Vol'jin, because hes a badass. I spent too long waiting for him to become active(Broke my heart when he just stood there during Battle for Undercity) but now hes in line to MAYBE kill garrosh and be Warchief.

Hamuul. He's my favorite Tauren, favorite Druid, and has a badass voice.

Garrosh. There, I said it. Because he's the guy I love to hate.
Tirion Fordring or Rexxar, not sure which, Broxigar is up there too (Yes I know he is a Knaak Mary Sue, so sue me ((See what I did there?)))
Illidan Stormrage ya know he is actually cool unlike the lich king and for faction leaders and

Vol'jin why because he seems like a real person you can relate to and he is just bad ass
Vol'jin, but Hamuul Runetotem has always been up there. "Always temper your strength...with wisdom." Loved Cairne too.
Favorite Major character:thrall, lord of the clans+Warcraft 3. Haters hate away

Favorite minor character: Tie between Gyran Stoutmantle and Force Commander Onslaught.

Stoutmantle is just cool and Onslaught just seemed kinda tragic, he was holding the line against superior odds, not told to fallback(i think sylvanas had him stay there rather than retreat so Belmont(who is also cool) could retrieve godfrey's body) then dies holding the line.

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