Just looking for people to play with.

Shattered Hand
add me bro
► Exceptional players that are not listed are welcome to apply!

<Disciples of the Blade> (http://www.disciplesguild.com) is looking for everyone from raiding, to PVP, to casual backgrounds to join us.

Raid Times
★ Tuesdays, Thursdays 11:00 pm EST
* Fridays, Saturdays 7:30 pm EST
■ Off-nights are used for Heroic Dungeons, PVP, alt activities, and much more.

Loot System
★ Loot Council with Need before Greed rolling

Pluses in Applicants
■ 18+ years old.
■ Stable internet connection.
■ Ability to listen/speak on Ventrilo.
■ Laid-back yet mature personality.
■ Even if your class isn't listed, or you don't meet every condition, apply!

More Information
If you wish to learn more about the guild and what we stand for, want to find an officer to speak to, or think you are ready to apply, please visit our website.
Friends? On Shattered Hand? Where can I get some of these "friends"? I was under the impression they went extinct on this server long ago.
To anyone and everyone who wants our guild (Vengeance) is always open to anyone and everyone just a group of people looking to have fun make friends and help each other out pst me in game add me send me mail w/e i'll reply :)
i would love to play with u
what up bro what server are you on
I'm looking for anyone to play with and possible talk to while playing if anyone is interested let me know
I don't know how this works but I just started playing world of warcraft again and it'd be nice to play with some people. If you happen to see this let me know!!
I'm Usually on 7:30am-2pm EST. is you want to level with sum1 i can always log onto one of my Alts.
I think this thread is awesome for people to meet new friends. Count me in. Feel free to add me. JesseRenaud#1720 I also have tons of wow experience. Been playing since 2005 I have 6 or 7 toons I typically play all between the lvl of 80 and 90 most of which are on moon guard. If you need anything at all questing buddy/professions/pvp partner or just a friend to chat with im always available. :) See you in azeroth
add me if u wanna play looking for ppl to play with too battletag: andrew#12131 skype: Whaleslapper
Im all Alli and I am on moonguard and have toons on Rivendare. I am looking for people to play with. And whoever said... quite an undertaking starting a fresh guild.. you are so right. I still have one person in my guild... lol me...
Comment if you want to play! I'm looking for people to play with too. This game is a lot more fun playing with friends. My Skype is Clayton Peltier, and the picture is black and white. With a kid flexing.
My battle tag is TheRealxAng#1740. I'm willing to play with people and have fun.
hey im looking for people to play with add me or party invite me im level 23
yer ill play with u
im board so yer
give my your skpe name ill goin your guild and ill play with u if u want
I'm a new player and only have 1 friend. If anyone wants to play I'm good with it if you want to add me. I use xfire to talk. I have a mic but I'm not very familiar with the game yet...

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