Your favortie Pokemanz?

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Sceptile. He just looked cool.
Chatot and Farfetch'd.

Don't mess with the bird.

Farfetch'd is by far the most awesome pokemon, with its awesome normal/flying type, the power to unleash the stick.
Naturally my ev trained, brave bird farfetch'd is by far the best
A pokemon MMO would be interesting, but I'd hate to see the world of pokemon filled with a community that online gaming tends to bring.
Charizard: No need to explain; he is called GARizard, after all!
Arcanine: A giant, badass, majestic fire-dog. It's just... amazing.
Zebstrika: A lightning zebra. Do I really need any more reasons?
Typhlosion: Fire Badger(or ferret) that can kick anyone's !@#. (In the original Pokemon Crystal, my under-level Typhlosion took a full on Hydo Pump from Red's Blastoise; he lived with half his health. WHILE IT WAS RAINING (raindance).)
Absol: I saw Drew's Absol in the Hoenn Arc, that alone was enough to make me love them. They're powerful, fast Dark types with a badass look to boot!
Nidoking: My absolute favorite. Underrated, but a monstrous pokemon! In competitive game play, a good Nidoking can do a complete party sweep. Not to mention his design is positively AWESOME.
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I am a fan of mudkip (yes, i do liek them).

I also love Flygon.
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Silly fan nickname on TvTropes.

Furious flaming head monkey that can't easily be countered due to pure awesomeness ftw.

Eevee and all it's evolutions.
I can't choose just one. So, my favourites from each generation!! =D

1-151 (Kanto) - Pikachu. Adorable little mouse that shoots electricity from its cheeks. Double-quote the adorable part. It was my favourite pokemon from the first time I got hooked on the darn games. >< Always has been, always will be my number one favourite.

152-251 (Johto) - Espeon. Pretty purple two-tailed kitty cat. Also my favourite Eeveelution. Plus, psychic type.

252-386 (Hoenn) - Torchic. No contest. Always love the fire starters, and Torchic is just too cute. >< Adorable, fluffy little fire-bird that I can always picture burning everything to a crisp.

387-493 (Sinnoh) - Shinx. Generation Four was a harder one. There aren't any pokemon that I just go 'omfgwant' over. xD Shinx is adorable, though, and, despite its utter lack of electric type moves until level thirteen, it's pretty decent.

494-649 (Unova) - Liepard. and Mincinno. Purple kitty cat and an adorable fluffy grey chinchilla-thing. Also, I refuse to call Mincinno by its English name for any unofficial purposes. Chillarmy sounds sooo much better. ><
Flygon ^_^
I have an obesssion over Entei!
Arcanine <3 God i love him .

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