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in addition to ignoring something that concerns all dps: the current state of melee vs ranged.

Blizzard, this is unacceptable.

RDPS vs MDPS is a class issue, I read that in the Firelands answers....
It must not matter to much to the devs that MDPS just get the short end again...
Thanks for the answers guys. :)
For a Mut Rogue, not being behind the boss throughout the whole fight, especially including the last bit, is a HUGE DPS loss. Like, 20% at least, probably more if it's the entire fight, as we don't stack Expertise at all.

EDIT: And I'm sure it's just as bad for Sub, Druids, and others.
For a Mut Rogue, not being behind the boss throughout the whole fight, especially including the last bit, is a HUGE DPS loss. Like, 20% at least, probably more if it's the entire fight, as we don't stack Expertise at all.

EDIT: And I'm sure it's just as bad for Sub, Druids, and others.

About the same level for Ferals as well, for the same reason (no Expertise).
A number of the answers were very detailed, but it would have been nice to see SOMETHING for the other classes.
06/24/2011 10:00 AMPosted by Mcslushy
Understandably they didnt answer many questions people had for hunters,warlocks and what ever else it is you guys seem to be complaining about but be lucky that they decided to take time out of what they have to do to answer questions asked...... i really dont even know why you guys complain so much about what is what you play wow you can create and character you want they made leveling a character as easy as its ever gonna get if your gonna hate on your own class reroll then but untill then take what you will get from 4.2 and move on with it dont complain because changes arent what you want sorry community is a whole not one person

They answered 0 questions about hunters and locks and pallys. Some of them weren't even major questions, most people couldn't care less about the background stuff that blizz does to balance classes, sure it is interesting, but it gives us 0 info about dps, the recound question was a waste, people want a damage meter, the addon works just fine. People are pissed because they seemed to just pick out the easy questions and hope it would be enough.
I think a lot of the problem with the answers may be the way the questions were formed. If someone had asked "How is it fair that one class can cast 1 spell and channel it to do more AoE damage than when I, a shaman, have to cycle through 6 different spells while weaving some multi-dotting magic nonsense just to keep up and actually do less damage?" we may have seen a response.

This obviously would be a reference to elemental shaman vs shadow priest, but the trickle-down may have encompassed a more detailed response pertaining to AoE in general - and perhaps specifically an enhance vs elemental line.

We asked a lot of questions that were destined not to make it to the board, simply because of their format and how answers have to be given.

Don't post or vote for questions you know we won't answer. We're not going to use these Q&As to announce new features, expansions, or release dates, etc. By the same token, we're not going to answer questions that touch on subjects outside of the game and its design.

It's their back door clause, and they use it effectively.
While i'm glad they included 3 Enhancement questions, the answers... don't... tell... us... anything... Except that "maybe" they'll fix it "sometime". The pathetic link to the PTR notes as an evident buff to enhancement is laughable. Seriously. All that makes me think is they did it so they could say they did "something" for these ATD's. In reality, the 'buffs' they introduced do nothing but address our weapon scaling slightly (and that's only for base weapon damage. Stats wise we are still screwed). However, we have 2 weapon slots and 15 other slots to fill with gear that is still terribly itemized unless it's hit/mastery, hit/exper, exper/mast.

There are a lot of well thought out and justified options presented by the community to fix these issues but alas they don't even give us an solid foundation on what they are thinking. Just because one of your devs is paid to adjust shamans doesn't mean he's going to have the best ideas in the world. Look to the community and you could make a lot of people happy just by acknowledging there are interesting ideas out there that your willing to play with. As of right now, all you did was say "yea, we are trying to think of something but we really don't know what to try".

Fix us, or i know for one I'll be switching to some other game after having an active account for almost 7 years now.
DPS is a massive group in the player base and you could have at least touched on at least one or two of the issues with each specific DPS class. Let's look at the synopsis of the questions:

4 Shaman Questions
Warrior DK DPS Threat Question
Built-in Threat Meter (really?)
RNG Ramp Up time
PvE Positional Requirement Issues
Class Damage Output
Rogue Target Switching
DPS Responsibility in Dungeons (Really?)
Mage Frost Tree PvE Damage (Seriously!?)

Should be interesting to see what the Gamebreaker guys say about this one considering how amusing their last reviews have been.
In almost all cases, individual skill, gear, encounter specifics and Internet lag will have a bigger effect on your DPS than your spec choice (and often your class). Seriously, try Frost mages. Try Subtlety rogues. Their DPS is honestly pretty competitive.

The only valuable piece of information they gave us. Good questions/answers but I was hoping for more [diversity] in the questions chosen. Way2Hog the stage shammies.
I would say that there were definately less questions answered than expected (probably due to shamans spamming the questions thread), but the answers themselves were much better than the tank answers. IMO, this has been the most honest and informative Q&A thread yet.

It wasnt perfect by any means, and they avoided the range vs. melee question... but overall, with the questions asked by the community, it was well done.

I agree with this, I did think the answers were better thought out then before, likely because people have been complaining about flippant responses or ignoring the actual question to go off on tangents and that message was heard.

I would have liked to see each class get a question answered, especially since there were several really good questions not all related to shaman in the list.
People are pissed because they seemed to just pick out the easy questions and hope it would be enough.[/quote]

Understandable but instead of the constant forum blow up with all the people crying which is gonna do absolutely 0. They can find answers other ways there is information on all classes somewhere it just takes a bit of time to find and people are just to lazy to go looking so they take forums like this and complain that they didnt get there answers so easy......... If you ask me hunters are fine the way they are pallys could use some help and warlocks only need slight attention most the people complaining on this forum are just bad at there class and want ez mode for everything
Apologies to every other class for that stupid Windfury question. I don't know why they picked that one to answer or why it got upvoted in the first place. Terrible question, terrible answer.

I also wonder why they chose to answer LESS questions this time around. True, the answers are occasionally lengthy, but if anything this should have been the longest one.
Dear Blizzard,
I love what you are doing with keeping us in touch with the devs. I think ask the Devs is a great idea.
I do believe though that when I read this ask the devs I felt a lack of care for the other classes. The tough thing about hosting such a Q&A is what questions to pick. Many you should have picked one for each class? I agree enhancement shamans are in a bad place, but the other classes have some many questions that we ask on the forums, but they never get answered. Classes like elemental shamans, boomkins, warlocks had some really good questions also.

Bottom line I am happy with the long responses to the questions that were answered, but i think other classes need to have an honor or one question.

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