Resto PvE healing guide 6.2

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09/04/2012 08:16 PMPosted by Hannibaall
ummm...why is it a pally can outrun my druid..when im dashing....lot of cool stuff added with patch..but druids and rogues suck now.....dissapointed my 2 favorite classes ...and holy pallys doing more dps then dps...umm what were u smoking blizz...come on guys.

Feline Swiftness (15%) + travel Form (40%) + Stampeding Roar (60%) means you'll run far faster than he will. For 8 seconds I can out run Epic Ground mounts (115% vs 100%).

15 druid AB with the above could = perma 115% speed :D
For cat form, I don't think everything is stacking correctly at the moment (maybe because they didn't want us outrunning mounts).

Addon suggestions would be lovely, Lissanna.

Thanks for all you do!
I see so much wrong with this post. Few things

Cenarion Ward > Nature Swiftness.

It's a great heal and should be kept up on tanks.

Bracer enchant - should be 50 intellect, unless you're a Leatherworker in which case it's 130 intellect.

And don't even bother with Healing Touch or Nourish. Regrowth crits high, it's fast, and it ticks. Use Regrowth as a direct heal if a target is believe 80% health, otherwise rejuv/wild growth/swiftmend/cenarion ward/lifebloom or tranq.
For the talents & direct heals: The guide is really meant for early level 90, not for the last 2 weeks of Dragon soul (it's easier to assume mana problems and give options for people without mana problems to have a bunch of people run OOM trying to follow the guide). If beginner/intermediate players cast a lot of CW & Regrowth in early level 90 content, they're less likely to have enough mana to last through the content (much like at the beginning of Cata, nourish was more important). In most cases, I tried to be general enough that it would cover both. My guides aren't written for super cutting-edge content, since super hardcore raiders should be reading guides on places like EJ and not on the WOW forums.

The things like enchants is really something that hasn't been updated since 4.0 since I need to rewrite it from scratch for level 90 and have limits on my time. the enchant section here hasn't been updated in a pretty long time.
I just rejoined the wow community last night after a 2 1/2 year hiatus. This thread has been a big help, I spent a good hour reading it and thinking about how everything works.

So I just wanted to say thank you to the original poster for helping re-establish my wow mindset again. :-)

Then again, I assume in a couple days things might change again...

Then again, I assume in a couple days things might change again...

You're welcome!

This guide shouldn't be changing too dramatically for the level 90 experience. Where I could, I erred on the side of being correct for level 90. I only really need to update consumables, enchants, & how symbiosis works.
07/02/2011 06:00 PMPosted by Drizek
The glyph info was really helpful, mostly tho the explanation of harmony was i big help, i just did BH today and my healing was at like 7.7k, which isnt acceptable, but ty for the guide, it should get me back hopefully :)

If people don't die even with terrible hps, it means that you and your tanks are using your cooldowns correctly. Props to you!
Haste question!

If I cast Lifebloom with the Soul of the Forest buff (50% haste), and then refresh that Lifebloom with a Nourish or other direct heal, does that Lifebloom keep the haste buff?
No lifebloom will refresh to your current haste when you recast lifebloom
If Int doesn't impact your mana lvl what stat increases your mana pool?
In my opinion the stat loss (because pvp gear right now is NOT better than Heroics gear) is too great to try to get the pvp bonuses which at the most are meh.

The Ironbark debacle is not good as you are not a Disc Priest. You heal, not prevent damage. You'll waste a lot more time looking @ the cd on IB and casting it on ppl rather than doing actual heals that you will be doing more dmg than good to your raid.
I already passed on the set bonus feedback. I think the set bonus probably isn't something that the PvP set should have. It is probably a waste of time to actually farm the PvP set just for PvE because it is likely that they would nerf the set bonus if people were using the PvP set for raiding on purpose.
Love this guide, definitely gave me a different perspective on things like the Feral Swiftness talent, as much as I like leaping to my tank to catch up, dungeons like Stormstout Brewery can be a problem with LoS issues.

Also, since when did mushrooms start having pathing issues? Even in areas where there's just a little dip in the ground, I can't put the damn things down :-\

P.S. someone needs to tell the tanks that yes, I do actually have to sit down and drink to get my mana back every so often now.
in 5 mans when the tank is getting rocked and you have your HOTs rolling on him is there no other choice to cast HT on him?
10/07/2012 11:02 AMPosted by Emmale
in 5 mans when the tank is getting rocked and you have your HOTs rolling on him is there no other choice to cast HT on him?

ironbark or glyph rejuv for nourish spam i'd say
10/07/2012 11:02 AMPosted by Emmale
in 5 mans when the tank is getting rocked and you have your HOTs rolling on him is there no other choice to cast HT on him?

Glyphed regrowth is actually quite strong in Mists according to some of the theorycrafting I've seen. Using Ironbark to reduce the tank's incoming damage is also a good tool to get in the habit of using. This is also why I prefer Nature's Swiftness as a talent, so you can macro it to healing touch and get a big instant burst heal.
hi, I am new to resto and I have some dumb questions.

1. do you look at your group/raid portraits and click on them to heal, or what? I find it hard to stare at the life bars and still pay attention to whats going on.

2. why is it necessary to keep lifebloom on at all times, what is the point of the bloom then?

3. how much spirit is "enough regen" ?

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