Resto PvE healing guide 6.2

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A couple things
Spirit its the worst stat because some FL fights require a lot of throughput, it happens many times that your raid wipes and you still have plenty mana but you didnt have enough throughput to keep them alive.

Harmony its a really interesting mechanic, with the crit buff Regrowth places itself as a really good option to refresh our mastery.
Why? well, couple things
With the 200% crit thing, it heals for more than b4
On the FL raids, druids are perfect raid healers, meaning that you want to cast single target spells just to refresh mastery and then keep rolling HoTs, regrowth its the fastest cast, meaning that you can max your throughput by using it.
It consumes clearcasting

What i do its keep the mastery up by using Swiftmend and Regrowth (hopefully with clearcasting), because most of the time you dont have time to cast a HT or Nourish without putting some risk in your raid.

Also, i find myself refreshing my LBs with just another LB cast, since rather than throwing a long cast on a tank who doesnt need it i prefer to use only one GCD and keep working on the raid, and use the SM to heal someone that really needs (including effloresence)
This is a decent guide for constant casting, but I think it does not work super great for heroics.

Mastery change suggest opening with any single target heal is better than keeping hots on tank the whole time, given the mana regen associated with not casting all the time.

I would suggest for heroics to open with regrowth, then wild growth the group, then rejuv on ppl who need it, usually tank and melee people taking spell damage. Then if tank is still taking tons of damage beyond the 3 mediocere hots, do a swiftmend rotation and possibly include some lifeblooms. I would say tho, that Regrowth is not nearly the waste of time and mana that this guide makes it out to be. It crits basically every time you cast it if you spec the correct way. And, since the crit bonus change to healing, it is very much worth it.

I promise you heroic running druids, if you start focusing on using regrowth instead of trying to stack 3x lifebloom on the tank all the time, you will save yourself sanity. You might heal about the same, but you wont pull agro at the beginning of every fight and your mastery proc will always be up so you dont have to rely on swiftmend.

Anyway I know its not a popular idea, I'm just saying that we have more options now. You can try different ways of healing. You dont always have to stack 5x hots
Resto druids suck atm. Flat out garbage. I have decided to bench it for the rest of the season, and level a shaman. Im pretty sure by the time i finish leveling it, blizz will somehow nerf resto shamans too. Perhaps i should give up on healing all together.
06/27/2011 03:00 PMPosted by Dagglet
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But you forgot the BACON!
Not sure how person above could say resto druids suck. I think we are very strong and feel almost god-like at times.
Excellent guide as always. Thank you Lisanna and congrats on your recent big event.

Resto Druids
Does Nourish seem wimpy? Healing Touch take too long to cast. Or perhaps you are interested in trying a non-cookie cutter spec? If yes to any of the above, try the following

Restoration (31 Points)
Blessing of the Grove -2/2
Natural Shapeshifter -2/2
Heart of the Wild -3/3
Master Shapeshifter -1/1
Improved Rejuvenation -3/3
Living Seed -1/3
Revitalize -2/2
Nature's Swiftness -1/1
Nature's Bounty -3/3
Empowered Touch -2/2
Malfurion's Gift -2/2
Efflorescence -3/3
Wild Growth -1/1
Gift of the Earthmother -3/3
Swift Rejuvenation -1/1
Tree of Life -1/1

Nature's Grace -3/3
Nature's Majesty -2/2
Genesis -3/3
Moonglow -2/3

This is obviously a HOT focused build, with Regrowth and Swiftmend used when direct heals are required. Tank, party, and raid healing style is similar to the ones in the guides with the exception of using Regrowth and Swiftmend instead of Nourish and Healing Touch. When in trouble, use a macroed HT/NS, Tranquility, or Tree Form.

Regrowth with Empowered Touch refreshes your Lifebloom stacks. If you prefer to manually reset LB or allow it to bloom - you can skip Empowered Touch and put those 2 points other places. If you find mana an issue, drop Genesis and pick up the 3rd point in Moonglow and perhaps put 1 or 2 points in Furor. Given that Innervate is pretty useless for others, I find mana is even less of an issue.

I have successfully used this style in heroics since the beginning of 4.0 when my item level was in the 330s - 340s and in 4.1 raids. I don't run out of mana and was consistently one of the top healers when I raided as a healer. I can easily keep up any reasonable 5 man in trolls, often with 0 wipes, occasionally with 0 deaths. I raid in 4.2 as a boomkin (given its superior utility on Beth and Rhyo), so I have not had a chance to try this on those bosses, but I see no reason why 4.2 bosses require anything different healing-wise than 4.1 bosses.

I prefer this spec and style because Nourish is too weak and HT takes too long, even with Naturalist. Try it before you criticize or condemn it.
Thank-you Ddaear! That has been my modus operandi for the last few years! I'm SO glad someone else healz like that! I do not have any mana problems, and everyone is healthy and happy!
Those specs do work fine - for healing heroics or raid only. I think the problem I have is that with the incredible amount of incoming damage in FL, druids who don't or aren't able to (spec-wise) effectively help out when the tank is taking damage (and with more than just a rejuv) aren't doing their job right, imo, which is to keep *everyone* alive. (Although this is very likely influenced by the fact that I run in a 10man - I imagine 25s would be quite different).

And yes, the fights in 4.2 are in fact occasionally different. Baleroc, for example. My top three heals are HT, Regrowth, and LB for that. While the above "cookie cutter specs" may neglect a few points that could be put into raidhealing throughput, they are the most balanced overall for doing all the things a healer should do. A "pure" raidhealer can of course spec only into raidhealing talents, but they lose a huge amount of flexibility that is helpful if not necessary nowadays.

Also, HT and Nourish have the same cast time. With good haste (or a Spriest/DI), HT actually feels pretty fast and is MASSIVE.
Two things as I read over some of these responses, especially Ddaear.

If nourish and healing touch aren't worth casting, moreso nourish than HT. How exactly do you plan on saving your mana? If you are just using regrowth and swiftmend as your direct heals only, you are gimping your other healers by making them have to do more, when you can put 3 rejuvs up and cast nourish to pick people up relatively quickly. Also it's not really mana efficient to be blanketing the raid or the party with rejuv, it just doesn't work. Also filling out moonglow is really terrible compared to filling up Furor. 3/3 Moonglow = rougly 200 mana saved from 2/3 moonglow. lol @ 200 mana saved.

Anyway, on another note. Resto druid 4 piece seems to be throwing me for a loop. I understand it only procs from the non-overheal portion of the swiftmend, so for example if its a full overheal swiftmend you waste the 4 piece bonus. However, does the 4 piece bonus proc within 8 yards of myself or within 8 yards of the target? My experiments in heroics suggest that its 8 yards of myself. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
The spec / rotation under discussion works just fine for single target / tank healing. Between Regrowth, Swiftmend, hots, HT/NS, and letting Lifebloom bloom - keeping up a tank is not a problem.

I also do not have mana issues.
Omen of Clarity + Replenishment + Innervate => plenty o mana

Again, try the spec / rotation before you criticize it.

I agree that there are specialty fights like Baleroc that may require a different approach.

This isn't really the focus of my post, but The Moonglow vs Furor debate was settled a long time ago near the start of the expansion fairly decisively. Furor goes up in value as the length of a fight decreases, and Moonglow goes up in value as the length of a fight increases. I believe the cut-off is somewhere between 2-3 minutes in length. That means that Moonglow is the talent to go to if you are a raiding Resto Druid. Furor is the first regen talent to drop in favor of more throughput. Do not spec out of Moonglow this tier [PHsname]
couldnt get the talents to c/p correctly believe its because they are ptr talents, possible to update so i can compare?

overall seems like a decent guide to me though.

06/27/2011 07:11 PMPosted by Lissanna

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This post needs an update to 4.2, and hopefully soon to 4.3. And make it an obvious change, not just change original content without noting when it was updated. Helps if you are absolutely sure you're reading the latest information available. Thanks.
couldnt get the talents to c/p correctly believe its because they are ptr talents, possible to update so i can compare?

overall seems like a decent guide to me though.

hey, I had some time today to update the links to not be PTR ones (we don't want the links to break whenever the 4.3 PTR comes out in the next few months anyway).
09/10/2011 10:21 AMPosted by Voracie
This post needs an update to 4.2, and hopefully soon to 4.3. And make it an obvious change, not just change original content without noting when it was updated. Helps if you are absolutely sure you're reading the latest information available. Thanks.

I did an update for the guide when 4.2 hits. It takes multiple hours (say in the range of 6 to 12 hours of work) to do a complete re-write of every single part of both of my guides (so, major revisions of any type of forum guide only happens once or twice an expansion at most regardless of who the author is). I'm not going to re-write the guides once a month. It's clearly labeled as being updated for 4.2. If you think there is something I missed, you are welcome to let me know.
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