Resto PvE healing guide 6.2

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So with 4.3 out I've been happy as I've finally gotten motivated to work on my resto set, which has been left a bit behind. Anyway, ran through the new 5 mans and snagged Waterworn Handguards and Chronicler's Chestguard.

Planning on replacing my old T11 pants with the T12, but wondering whether I should replace the gloves or chest with tier for the 2 piece bonus, or potentially neither (though somehow I doubt the latter, the T12 2 piece seems pretty nice)
First of all, I just want to thank you for making this guide. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and its always been super helpful.

I just had a question involving the haste breakpoints. I'm not a min/maxer, or anything like that, and I just heal heroics. I have a mixture of gear (have had horrid luck with helm drops) but am working towards getting my second piece of T12. But I'm wondering what kind of haste I should be at before going towards mastery. 2005 seems to be a good point, but even with some enchants (haven't had the mats for more) I'm only at 1419 haste.

For some reason I feel I should ask this: Below the 3K mark (or wherever the next haste breakpoint is after 2005) should as much as haste as possible be moved into mastery? ie is "Mastery > Haste after 2005" still a correct dynamic in 4.3 until the next breakpoint becomes reachable?

Yup, that's true. You can see on 's Google Doc list of Haste Breakpoints : that for Resto without Warlocks in the raid to give them Dark Intent, 2005 is still best.

If you *do* have the Warlock, its up to you whether you drop to 1573 Haste, and maintain the WG/Effloresence ticks grabbed by Druids without Dark Intent, and pick up 433 Mastery, or still push for 2005, and be safe when your Warlock can't make a raid, or in 5 mans.

Personally I picked up that bonus Mastery since our Warlock very consistently shows for our raids.

With regards to your question about WG, I read the same, that the more frequent cast time makes up for the drop in affected player count and makes non-glyphed WG better throughput.

I'm open to other suggestions, and things to try, but even looking forward at the 4.3 gear, it would seem the Int values will raise, and if I can keep my haste at this 1573 mark, and just continue stacking Mastery (as I replace items with some haste with items with lots of haste) that my heals would scale best. It doesnt seem likely that 3k+ Haste will be the next "best plataue".. so if you have DI and Raid buff, is 1573 "Where it's at!" ?

This may seem only semi relevant, but have you considered also reforging some spirit to mastery? I've been sitting on sub-4k spr for a while now, as well as dropping certain trinkets such as DMF:T and seem to be having little problems with mana in the majority of circumstances. Doing this has allowed me to stack a high amount of mastery which due to diligent buff-watching, is essentially a considerably large flat percentage increase to all of my heals. I know haste caps is a central part to resto Druids, but outside of that I feel some people overlook the potential avenues for stacking a lot of mastery while still staying at the desired/necessary haste cap.
12/06/2011 06:22 AMPosted by Rykiel
This may seem only semi relevant, but have you considered also reforging some spirit to mastery?

I actually haven't looked at my items that are Spr/Haste to reforge some of the Spr to Mastery, that's an *excellent* idea! A few fights have pushed my mana to it's limits, but generally I end fights with plenty of leftover mana; so this could be a great Mastery source. Thanks!

*Wishes work was over so he could hit the reforger.. AAH!*
12/06/2011 05:38 PMPosted by Cpk
So maybe i'm doing something wrong whether it be gems or chants but I tried reforging everything I could to haste and still couldn't reach the 2005 break point could someone possibly help me out with this?

Can you log out in your resto gear please?
12/06/2011 05:59 PMPosted by Cpk
Can you log out in your resto gear please?

Yep sorry, done. The reforging is kind of weird atm got in the middle of messing with it and had to leave.

Yeah, it's difficult to tell what exactly you're doing with reforging since you stopped midway, but from what I can see, there should be next to no need to reforge haste to mastery if you're aiming for 2005 haste cap (you generally don't have the haste to spare for that unless you're completely decked out in haste gear).

WHEN you're gearing up, to reach haste cap, you want to reforge the following stats to haste in roughly the following order: crit>>mastery>spr (yes, spirit). Generally when you reach a certain threshold of gear - namely around 378 ilvl - you can think about reforging spirit to haste before reforging your mastery out to haste, if and when you find that your mana regen is good enough to do without 300-500 spirit. After that, I wouldn't recommend reforging bulk spirit out until and unless you're getting several Dragon Soul pieces.

4.3 Updates: [/u]The only real change to resto druids is the change to Wild Growth. Wild Growth will now heal for less than it did before. In addition, the Glyph of Wild Growth now adds 2 seconds to the cooldown of Wild Growth when it adds a 6th person to possibly be hit by the spell. The glyph of Wild Growth is still a benefit for 25-man raids in general, and is only useful for 10-man raids when you stack up. It shouldn't be something you glyph for if you primarily run 5-mans (but there aren't any better glyphs for smaller group content in its place). See glyph section for more info.

Obviously some developers in Blizzard who know nothing about resto druid and other healing classes made this change. Nerf more on druid and buff more on pally priest, good job.
Nice guide as always, I come back a lot for refreshers. Gonna work on

Question on gear - is the t13 2 and 4 piece bonus as bad as it sounds? I feel like I'm really going to miss my t12 SM bonus and am already hesitant to give it up, especially with LFR level loot.

Also, are there any new BIS gear guides, preferably that don't include heroic gear, since I don't see myself getting there. I am especially looking for the point where I drop my Tsunami card.
What is the deal with the new set bonuses? I really feel like they are almost a waste. I am not totally sure, I just got my 2piece set bonus and it really doesn't do a whole lot. My mana regen from Int gets me through most any fight thus far (only 1/8 normal 10 man and 8/8 LFR) and my FL set bonus made sure I never needed mana period. It really seems like a bummer, because now I feel like I need to forge some more spirit, when before I really needed only about 2.2k ~ and I never wanted for mana, never even popped innervate on myself. Are these set bonuses worth it? Or is it just smarter to buy the 397 VP pieces that are non-tier? I guess a bonus is a bonus but really these both seem really weak. Any feedback is welcome.
12/08/2011 08:08 AMPosted by Bullsdeep
never even popped innervate on myself

Should probably start relying on this. Innervate on anyone else is a complete waste, and it's only one Global Cooldown to pop it.

To really maximize what you're able to heal you want to sacrifice Spirit, and other Mana regen stuff (Set bonuses, trinkets, etc) in favor of higher Int > Haste (to Cap) > Mastery as much as you can without going OOM on a fight. Relying on 1-2 Innervates per fight, and even a mana restoring potion is key there.

Still mulling the set bonuses over myself.
I've never seen someone mention this but wouldn't it be better to use Enchant Boots - Mastery instead of Lavawalker? is the bonus run speed worth it? Especially in 4.3 content that has smaller amounts of moving.

You do know you have the spell dps chest and the healer gloves right you aren't getting a set bonus :D FAIL and your staff is messed also its true you should reforge out of crit but hit does 0 for you crit>hit for a healer and you will get more haste by a few points. You also have extra haste pst 205 a purple gem you dont need and an extra yellow gem... sry ill stop there.

combined post
12/08/2011 02:23 PMPosted by Reveries
I've never seen someone mention this but wouldn't it be better to use Enchant Boots - Mastery instead of Lavawalker? is the bonus run speed worth it? Especially in 4.3 content that has smaller amounts of moving.

Actually, there is still movement in most fights, and, if anything, more important than in 4.2 in most cases - take the dash to Resonating Crystals on the Morchok encounter, or to LoS him behind the fragments. And what about Twilight Onslaught and Twilight Barrage on Blackhorn. There might not be as much movement in fights as in the Firelands encounter, but in my opinion movement in 4.3 encounters is even more pivotal than the previous tier. And this is just on the normal encounters, from personal experience - I'd imagine access to a minor runspeed increase would be a nobrainer on heroic modes. Sure, you could travel form in the two aforementioned encounters, but for one you use a GCD to shapeshift, and you also negate your ability to heal on the move.

TL:DR why NOT take that runspeed if it's available? If it's a cost of mats thing, I'd go for the Earthen Vitality enchant before I'd consider going for the straight mastery to boots enchant.
Run speed on your boots matters because most raids have bosses that make you run, and getting where you want to be faster is always good.
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I normally don’t post here, however after failing to find a Resto Druid that actually knows his or her stuff, I am asking here.

I have stacked mastery over haste since the beginning of this expansion. I find that having around 18-19 percent mastery is awesome for tank healing. The issue I am having now is that with more raid healing needed in Dragon Soul, I am not sure I can keep this set up. Also more mana or more mana regen seems to be needed as well to keep up with the pally and priest healers.

So the question I have is how can a druid spec to be good at both tank healing and raid healing? I am using both two set bonuses right now and I believe I have my gear set up decently to cover these. When tank healing I have no problems keeping up with the meters, however on the fights that require more raid healing I am unable to keep up. I do not have any mana issues healing either, it just pure numbers that separate me from the other pally healer.

Lastly, I would love to hear educated answers not just someone posting to just post.
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