Aint Misbehavin Recruiting, Firelands 25M

About Us

Upon starting Cataclysm, we completed 8/13 HM's.

Ain't Misbehavin is a guild founded on the principle of hardcore progression on a casual schedule. We raid three nights a week for three hours each night and because of our "short" raiding schedule we hold our members to incredibly high standards. We always focus on having a good time, and to that extent we expect mistakes to be limited in both number and repetition. The majority of our members play other games outside of World of Warcraft, utilizing team-play and strategy to overcome all opponents.

With the coming patch, losing members to outside influences have opened several positions within our roster. A lot of our members are always on vent, socializing, playing other games. Our members are friendly, and know that all jesting is taken lightly. This isn't just a guild of people raiding together online, it's a guild built on friendships made while enjoying a game we all play.

Raid Schedule

Raid days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The raid times are all 8PM to 11PM server/CST.

Recruitment Status:
Warrior (DPS): High
Priest (Disc/Holy): High
Shaman (Resto): High
Druid (Resto): High
Paladin (Holy): High

All other classes/dps, feel free to apply!

Recruitment Requirements
All new recruits are expected to know the front and back of their class. It should go without saying that you need to be fully gemmed/enchanted to the best of your abilities, as well as bringing your own flasks and consumables.

Initiates are put on a 3 week trial period, where you will be judged by your peers as well as officers, based on individual performance. You are also expected to make 8 out of the 9 raids in your trial period.

How to Apply
Visit our forum at

GM : Megustatumom
Officers: Jimmus, Akarii

If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with any one of us in game. If none are available, feel free to contact any member.

Will kill bosses for healers.
Bump. If you feel you'd be an exceptional applicant, don't let the currently recruiting section fool you. App up!
GL with the 10mans.
Bump. We'd like to regrow back to a 25 man raiding guild, so we're opening recruitment for all classes and specs. If you feel like you can raid on our days and get along with our people, contact us in game, or put up an application.

Up. New raid week starting tomorrow.
jimmus is a 40 year old cross dresser
07/05/2011 09:50 PMPosted by Ðecimal
jimmus is a 40 year old cross dresser

Libel. I'm only 25.
Bump! Could really use a disc/holy priest to fill out our 10man core.
Bump, bosses keep dying and we keep looking.
We're a Horde guild. I doubt you were a previous member. But thanks for the bump.
Bump! Looking for more to fill out our 25 man roster.

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