Saurfang T12 Progression Thread

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Storm Hammer are dipping our toes into FL we have downed Shannox and beth
Oh, didn't notice you were tracking Legendary progress as well.
Adversary's Kakk got his Branch on the 18th of August.
Forgot to update, for a little.

Gamface 10 Ragnaros and H Shannox
EBS 10 Heroic Alysrazor :)
Antiquus 5/7 H

H Beth down :D
carried got carried

Has now downed 6/7, slowly chewing through Rags, not quite there yet.

flipping grats to DMZ, hope you get rags asap
I upgraded to a runestaff of nordrassil this lockout! ^_^
I got my branch of nordrassil today, 7th september.
Jixie got her branch on the 7th.
Starting to think Mushin has died?
09/08/2011 03:21 AMPosted by Pàntslol
Starting to think Mushin has died?

No, just had to spend the last 3 weeks emptying his bags.

/throw Voodoo Skull
Pantslol got the stage 1 branch thingy... Also we are 6/7
Insidious are now 7/7, finally got Rags AND I got my staff, what an exciting night it was :)

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