Saurfang T12 Progression Thread

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Forgot this thread existed so to update for Ascent...

We are are 6/7 10m and Sprognoski has the Branch of Nordrassil.
I am confused, first people say to leave progression to wowprogress, then people whinge their asses off when this thread does not get updated.

I apologise for having issues that prevented me from updating but that is life, deal with it, it is not something I expected to happen, guess my crystal ball stopped working.

Updating now.

Thats alright dude, I am not judging you, I have always said I think the unbiased approach on WoWProgress and generally more accurate is the preferable method. Updating a thread like this manually leads to many problems such as which method should you use? Do you go off WoWProgress rankings? Do you count minutes apart boss kills? All of these issues have come up and granted mostly resolved, however, the potential is always there for more problems.

Also you are right I do not expect you to hawk this thread every minute of every day, however, most would consider not updating it for over 2 weeks when you last half updated it (and I stress half) to be more than enough leniency. Also I have previously said this to you, If you feel that you cannot do the job effectively, as you quite often complain about, you should abandon this thread. Nobody will hate you for dropping this to focus on more important stuff.

09/14/2011 07:58 AMPosted by Mushin
Also apologies for any perceived slackness on updating this thread atm: sorting through all the qq and whine posts to find the actual progression posts is tiresome, not sure how many times I've asked that they be kept out of this thread.

I can partly understand this, under normal circumstances I would happily oblidge, I jus feel that if this post cannot be satisfactorily accurate than it is better to let is go as a misleading post can do more harm than good. That us why after yet another 2 week break of absences for updating this thread I suggested what I did.

I apologise if it seems I am jumping down your throat, but you insisted on doing this job, do not feel just because nobody else will do the job you should. I personally would not do it for anything as I have more important stuff to do like /afk in Orgrimmar.
Anywhoser... Ajantis is 4/7 now with Alysrazor and Beth'tilac dying in 10 man.
Altera took out Heroic Aly last night.

Update when possible

Cheers :)
Lol Ajantis is going to top 10man progression eventually.

I'm gona need more popcorn.
Hey, got my twig on wednesday 14/9
09/15/2011 07:39 PMPosted by Verethium
Hey, got my twig on wednesday 14/9

Getting to updating that.

Busy time for me with the world cup on in NZ atm on top of several other things occurring, please bear with me :)
woot for H Domo :)
Rags down ... pre-nerf ... in an hours overtime ... TBP 7/7 ... off to bed ... thanks Mushin :-)
Suppose I should mention I got my epic bank twig last wednesday, and tyr got her upgraded stick at the same time. Dunno why she uses it though, it'd look prettier in the bank.
Yeah damn. Blanket 15% nerf to Heroic modes... Time to gear up faster I guess!

Maybe I'll even get a bloody ranged weapon before the tier ends.
H Beth down on 25s
Gratz to all the post nerf kills

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