Earthen Ring Firelands Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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Congrats to Lunady on the Legendary!

Updated kills/achievements through post 300.

Deathwing coming soon!
The Corvus Coalition got their first Legendary. Frostea is the wielder! (FIRST TEN MAN, FINALLY.)
Should note we got our 2nd staff last Thursday.
The Sek Sea Pirates have downed Heroic Shannox!
Three Rivers Raiding has downed Heroic Beth'tilac!
A late Heroic Shannox.
The sheet shows us having the Beth meta completed - we don't.

We have the Lord Ryolith meta as well as the Rags meta completed.

Thanks for tracking these achieves.
Ten Mans Don't Count got the Meta's Share the Pain and Only the Penitent.
Updated and corrected through post 309.

Most of Riddle now has their mounts.
Nublet Cartel got Ragna-O's
Updated. Congrats to Corvus Coalition on Firelords!

I now have Dragonwrath
Please place Dragon Soul Raid progress here:

Continue with Firelands in this thread.
The Old Guard was bored tonight and downed Heroic Ragnaros.
Alea Iacta Est Dignitas killed Heroic Rags on 9/19/2012

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