Earthen Ring Firelands Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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Bacon Bandits killed Rhyolith
Rebirth 25man Shannox downed
Ascent killed Shannox tonight 10 man.
Updated thru post 44. Keep'em coming.
The Dark Blade has killed Baleroc, thus smashing through the gates of The Firelands.
Bacon Bandits got Bethwhatever...Spider boss. These names confuse me.
Bacon Bandits just got Baleroc
Rebirth killed lord R. on 25man
Beth'tilac down on 25man.
Got all you guys up to post 51.
The Dark Blade has brought down Alysrazor as of 1am server. The skies of The Firelands are now safe!
Baleroc down.
Sins of Our Fathers (10) has downed Shannon, the cross dressing salamander.
Updated thru post 55.
Rebirth killed Baelroc
Rhyolith down last night on 25man. I couldn't post for some reason last night. Stupid internal 500 errors.:-/
Baleroc eating some dirt w/ Rhyolith right now.
Alysrazor down to Corvus Coalition!

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