Earthen Ring Firelands Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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But we did kill Alysrazor.
Alysrazor down... poor lil birdy
Domo down.
Red Widow? More like DEAD WIDOW!

Courtesy of Sins (10 man).
Outcast Order [10] killed Shannox
beth down.

Heroic Shannox down
The Dark Blade has defeated Majordomo Staghelm
Killing Spree (10) has defeated Shannox.
Hey, Riddle has Shannox (7/1), Beth'tilac (7/8), Rhyolith (7/11), & Baleroc (7/11).

Also, you have us listed as 10/25. We only officially raid 25 man as a guild, and currently all our Firelands kills are listed as such on wowprogress.

Also a shout out to Shadow Remains, who are now 1/7 Heroic, having downed Shannox Tuesday night, 7/12.
Dark Legend defeated Baleroc last night.
The Eleventh Hour has defeated Baleroc 25N
Dissonance has downed Alysrazor
Congrats to S.R. on the Ragnaros kill!

Got you all updated thru post 75.
The Magisterium Vanguard has killed Shannox 10 man.
Killed Lord Rhyu, he didn't stand a chance against Guile's Sonic Boom. (Sins 10 man)
Killing Spree downed Lord Rhyolith.

EDIT: Also killed Beth'tilac.
Updated thru post 80.

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