Earthen Ring Firelands Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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The Eleventh Hour has completed the Baleroc meta achievement "Share the Pain".
Bandits killed Staghelm
The Magisterium Vanguard has downed 10 man Baleroc.
Rhyolith 25 down to The Dark Blade
Rags has kneeled down to Rebirth (10man)...finally
After way to many nights of wiping on Rhyolith, we one shot him tonight
Ragnaros Down to The Dark Blade

The Old Guard has finally killed Majordomo Staghelm.
Killing Spree defeated Baleroc.
Rags down on 10.
Mantsee has single handedly destroyed the Power Ranger known as Mojojojododo (or something like that) with the help of nine other individuals.

[Sins kills domo on ten man]
oops haven't updated in a bit. Dissonance has Staghelm down.
Sheet updated thru post 134.

Congrats to Rebirth, The Dark Blade, and Riddle of Steel for completing normal mode Firelands!
08/08/2011 09:22 PMPosted by Cheaboi
Rags down on 10.

Doesn't count.
Rebirth is now also 6/7 on 25man time for another rags grind ./cries in corner
Alysrazor is no more.
Three Rivers Raiding has downed Staghelm!
Heroic Rhyolith down by Corvus Coalition
Heroic Rhyolith down to Corvus! :D

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