[H] Seraphim 8/8H LFM FOR MISTS!

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What is going on here? I leave for a day and come back to this. ONLY DRUIDS ALLOWED (and me).
I luv u
Yay 2012!
Update. YEAAAAAAH. Both groups lfm.
Still need that amazing hunter. Preferably survival, however, based on your logs and performance, I will take MM.
I prefer male Troll hunters.

But we would take other races I suppose.
01/04/2012 05:16 AMPosted by Ashleycakez
I suppose.

NEVER settle, never!
Somewhere out there, there's a hunter for me. /dream
Ur kinda cute....

Wuz ^
Why? Its Monday. BLAH

Well, Monday's almost over. YAY TUESDAY OMG RESET OMG SHINIES *.*
Since I totally didn't get a chance to let you guys know (or move my heirlooms to my Paladin first, for that matter...) beforehand, I've moved to Zuluhed, SO.

I<3YOU. And I'll probably be back in a few months if MoP doesn't blow, but I'll be Alliance, so...
LF Holy Paladin!
I heard them HPaladins are even more slippery than the Ret ones.

Well its more like we had 3 terribads in a row before we found 2 solid ones late Firelands.

But where they go? I'm so cute, everyone wants to play with meee.

... if u know wut i meen

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