Guardians of Hyjal: Call of the Ancients

I seem to have an issue with completing this quest. I do not seem to be able to get credit for the "Aviana Assisted" portion of this quest. I ticketed a GM and got the canned "phasing" response. I don't believe that's the issue. On top of completing the achievement for quests in the zone, I don't seem to have any quests in the zone to move phasing forward. I know the achievement is for most, not all of the quests... but I have been pretty diligent in scouring the zone for any other quests.

Searching wowhead, they list you should get credit for "Aviana Assisted" upon completing the quest called "An Ancient Reborn." "An Ancient Reborn" is part of the chain that ends in you receiving the mini jouster pet, which I have in my inventory. So according to everything I can research, I seem to have already completed this quest and should have credit for the "Aviana Assisted" portion of the Guardians of Hyjal quest.

I would really like to move forward with my Firelands dailies. I greatly appreciate any help that you can offer. Thanks.
I also believe I completed the "Ancient Reborn" before I had server and faction transferred. I completed the majority of the Hyjal quests a few days ago, to work on the Guardians of Hyjal Quest.

I think that's what is causing the issue.
I have the exact same problem and got the exact same response from a GM.

I transfered too and think I've completed that Aviana quest line before.

I just think its not fair I can't progress with this daily stuff at the same rhytm everyone else is.
Ya, I agree.
yup my hunter has the same problem.
I completed assisting Goldrinn-got no other quests and have no available NPCs.
All I did was log out. WoWhead comments indicate others having this problem, without server/faction xfers.

Try talking to the channeling NPC (Ysera?) in the inn @ Hyjal-its a bubble option, no yellow punctuation makrs. Doesnt show on tracking or map till there, but by going to zone suggested by NPC was able to grab another quest in Hyjal.
My paly is fine but I am having this issue on my DK

I also cannot do anything at the shrines of aessina--and others of that 3 call to arms HELP
Yeah i have absolutely no idea where to get the next quest. i've looked everywhere, and i've looked at so many different forum posts. i've done two of the 4 assists. can't do anything for aviana or aessina. Went through both the LE portal and the firelands one, no quests there either...
I've done two of the 4 assists also on a priest I transfered to horde..and I can't find aviana or aessina . I dont even see anymore quest :( So sad I really want to start FL quest with her :(
OK :) WooHoo!!! Update ... I Adandoned the quest and just took it again on one of the boards in Org.:) and when i retook it i still had credit for the first two i completed when I was Alliance then just went to the shrine of Aviana and the next quest was there:) So Happy!!!

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