So how do Tranquility and Harmony interact?

If at all?

What is Tranquility's main component counted as? Periodic healing (must have the Harmony buff up) or neither periodic nor direct (never benefits from harmony at all)?

Because it doesn't refresh Harmony so I figure it can't be direct, unless it's simply a direct healing spell (that therefore benefits from Harmony) that doesn't refresh the 10 second timer for some reason.

Anyone know which of those 3 it is?

and 2)

Is the periodic portion counted as periodic healing that benefits from Harmony? i.e. do we have to make sure we start a Tranquility when there is more time left on the Harmony timer than it takes to finish the channel in order that the last refresh won't remove the Harmony benefit?

Or does it just not benefit from Harmony at all?

Thanks in advance for the answers, I'm one to always min/max my throughput so I *need* to know how these interactions work, it's killing me XD
Both parts are considered a HoT.

For future reference, spell tooltips are updated when you gain Harmony.
Thanks a bunch!

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