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Not a bug as such, more a question/suggestion. I already subscribe to Mobile Armory on my iPhone, but upon buying an iPad2 this weekend, I thought I would add it on my iPad as well. I was surprised to find that there isn't an iPad app for it, just the iPhone one. I know I can blow up the iPhone app to make it full screen on the iPad, but as you probably know, it looks crap and pixelated. It would be so much easier to chat in guild chat on an iPad than my smaller iPhone, but I want it to look good while I'm doing it!

Are there plans to release an iPad version of the Mobile Armory app in the near future?
I'd love there to be a high rez version of the armory app for the iPad.
I think the mobile needs an over all update. It needs to include iPad and other devices. The modeler needs to updated the guild tabards be sides the regular one don't show up, and I have heard that the new hair styles make your character appear bald. XD
I would be interested in hearing from Blizzard if there is an iPad version in the works. I'm sure plenty of WoW players have them, and I know I would use it more often if it didn't look so crap on the iPad.
Any chance of an iPad version of the app in the future Blizz?
Its crazy not having an ipad version. its not like its hard. i could make it with the apple dev kint in 9 hours. blizzard is charging for things that should be free. i pay for it every months so they to add Ipad support. i find it outrageous to tell you the truth, because its so easy too do. armory on iPhone is way to small. ion ipad in stretched is 100 times better but the visual make my eyes bleed.

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