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07/05/2011 02:03 PMPosted by Zarhym
It's likely this is how things will work going forward and we'll be sure to make that more clear when the next season transition takes place.

Take your apologies to the bgs forum for once? Blue post would maybe show that you care (at all) about this subsection of players,

Oh wait, only you guys really probably don't because you gave us no warning that allowed us to plan our grinding around foreseeable changes.
One more straw on the camels back. Suppose I could start saving 15$ a month instead of being continually disappointed.
So it's SUPPOSED to look like the Bloodthirsty set!?!?!?!?!?!?

the whole thing just makes my head hurt.im going back to black ops
07/05/2011 02:32 PMPosted by Youfail
Look, we know you did it on purpose. Just admit it and quit lying to the pvp community.


We know the world is full of people who have no common sense but we are talking about a Billion dollar company with TONS of people working on this game and they just HAPPENED! to forget that the gear would only be good for a week and they just HAPPENED to not put this info in the patch notes.

No one knows why but, they did this on purpose for sure and all we get is an I'm sorry.
07/05/2011 02:43 PMPosted by Avaruu
Why does the 371 gear have the exact same coloration as Bloodthirsty? Why not use the colors from the 365 gear or the old 372 gear that required arena ranking?

Designing new armor models means they need to spend money.
Annoying. I was bragging to my buddy today how I bought my final piece late last night after grinding every day for hours and farming gold all to know I had a pretty decent set that would allow me to compete on even footing with most of the rest of the welfare epic crowd. I spent most of my cash on enchants and gems. I spent many of my TB tokens on the shoulder chant. I had no idea I was going to have to start a new honor grind the very next day after finishing up a laborious grind for gold, honor and TB points. I feel this is just really beyond. Just beyond. There should be some way to cash in 365 for 371 if 371 is the new baseline.

Really poorly handled. I really feel bait and switched.
Just adding my thank you.

Thank you blizzard for allowing me to spend countless hours finishing my main's pvp set and grinding a brand new COMPLETE set on my rogue just so you can make it all obsolete in a week. Thanks for allowing me to spend a ton of gold on high-level enchants and gems for those to be destroyed in one week. Thanks for making this change that will encourage more and more people to bot battlegrounds simply because they don't want to grind a complete set, again, in a week's time. Thank you for letting me spend all of my TB marks on new shoulder/head enchants that are now, all of a sudden, a waste. Thank you for the lube-less application because walking normally is overrated anyway.
GOD blizzard is a terrible company. This is just like when I played Duke Nukem, and there were only 2 ammo packs for the rocket launcher, and i used them all and couldnt beat the last boss, so i had to start all over. WHY DON'T THESE COMPANIES TELL US ABOUT THIS STUFF AHEAD OF TIME?!?!!?!
07/05/2011 02:42 PMPosted by Freshsteps
Suppose I could start saving 15$ a month instead of being continually disappointed.
yet once again we are slap in our face by Blizzard, i do believe they did this on purpose as the players number drop, ppl now have to grind once again! My god !
I'm so glad that the whole previous season's efforts are now obsolete, along with the gear. You know, I was alright with my 365's becoming lower-tier, I had just gotten my head wrapped around the idea. But now... my goly, I'm just so happy it's worthless.
This is one of the reason people twink. So they don't have to deal with this BS of changing and introducing new gear on a whim.

I still don't know why the 365 vicious gear was made available for 1 week.

for truth
07/05/2011 02:46 PMPosted by Katsuodashi
Thanks for allowing me to spend a ton of gold on high-level enchants and gems for those to be destroyed in one week.

^^^^ GAH . This. I don't even. Prices are going to be soooo over inflated now.
Real classy blizzard, thanks for letting us know that thousands of our gold and days of our time were a complete waste before the fact.

I really can't believe you have so many subscribers with your terrible service.

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