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Well i also just noticed that the "earned honor for this season was reset" which makes it impossible to get weapons unless someone regrinds that 7200 and up mark for the gear.

And i now recognize the benefit of having the conquest to spend before the next season to gear up for it.

But i think on the bright side, folks can now stockpile their conquest for the next season beating the conversion since it already happened right?

OR do they intend to do a second conversion next week?
To all the people saying get over it, no i wont get over it, because over 4k points into gold? i have loads of gold, i pay for this game and i want to get what i was promised
and over 4k honor you cant get that in in a few BGs
Ummm because the brain dead devs at Blizzard told us it wouldn't happen until next week? Once more Blizz shafts us, negates our hard work then says "sorry guys we screwed you, but hey, what can you do?"

In my case, I was going to be purchasing another couple of (former) Conquest Point items (I got into the last Arena season late, and I'm still playing catch-up on gear).

Why didn't you buy it before last night with conquest points?
"We moved the arena season back by one week"

This was unforeseen!
I'm just miffed because somewhere down the line my conquest points got wiped, not converted. No gold, nothing. Honor hasn't been capped, its at the same level as it was before this "patch".
06/28/2011 04:39 PMPosted by Pacity
Blizz 1 community 0

If you'd been keeping score all along this would be a blowout.

I love all the people defending Blizzard and saying it's not a big deal. Just because it's a not a big deal to YOU, doesn't mean other people aren't entitled to be upset.

I'm not going to whine and carry on like some - what is done is done. But basically on my Warlock I have full vicious, am honor capped, and have been accumulating conquest for quite some time. Once it got converted to honor, I planned to convert it to justice points and build a pve set. Instead, I've got some gold in my mailbox that doesn't buy me a whole lot of anything.

For those of you who are all-day wow players it probably isn't a big deal. But I'm an adult, with a family, and I work a lot of hours. My time is limited and Blizzard wasted a decent chunk of it with their mistake. If it's not a big deal to you, go find another thread. :)

If playing this game is "wasting" your time, then why are you even playing?

Elated, I realized I'd have enough to finish out tailoring on my priest, get most of my Power Torrent w/o having to do the Heroics I don't enjoy, and get head/shoulder enchants for the coming season.

So, you were going to buy the power torrent mats from the trade goods vendor, and instead you got gold, and you think you got gipped? Let me get this straight. You got 35 silver per point, so that means essentially 3 points for a gold (rounding down, you actually get a little more).

Now, let's look at some prices.

Maelstrom crystal = 3,750 HP. You're telling me that crystals are 1300 gold on your server? I think not. You made money here. Blizzard saved you from your own stupidity.

Embersilk = 1250 HP. A stack of 20 embersilk goes for 400g on your server? Holy !*!* I need to move there and make a !*!* ton of money.

heavenly shard = 600 HP. Again, 200g a pop for heavenly shards on your server? More like 200g per maelstrom.

Dust = 100hp. Hmmmmm, 33g a dust? That seems high.

In short - You are an idiot, you lost NOTHING from this conversion, in fact you gained because you will have WAAAAYYYY more gold than you would have had converting your conquest to trade goods. Stop your QQing. The ONLY people who really have a right to be upset were those who would have somehow been able to get weapons before the patch with the conquest they would have earned this week, and now have to earn 7k honor points to buy it.
06/29/2011 12:04 AMPosted by Altyera
@!#* happens, that's the reality of it. Sometimes those messups aren't reversable. I love people preaching to Blizzard like they're just making a conscientious choice to half ass it and throwing proverbs at them like it means anything.

It's completely reversible. See my post at the top of this page for a quick how-to.

Blizzard needs to fix this immediately.

Yeah, because you know what's fixable and what's not.

I mean, yeah, they could probably fix it by going through the logs and checking each character and refunding the points and taking the gold, but then they would run into issues with people who had maybe spent the gold, or whatever, and who knows how much manpower it would take. I'll trust blizzard's word that it's not feasible to fix this before a random forum poster saying it is "completely reversible."
06/28/2011 04:18 PMPosted by Heinekenpwns
You guys need to stop crying. You were compensated for your conquest points. Go do a few BGs and you'll have a full vicious set. I'm not sure what the problem is here.

Ok, that's it.

I'm SICK of hearing about the "oh well, mistakes happen, go grind BGs for a few hours and you'll have this and that..."

Well...WE DID! I grinded BGs all last week to make sure each of my toons that had some CPs to spend were all capped so I could spend them this week during the grace period. Plain and simple. Now I have to go grind MORE for what I had ALREADY grinded for?

Someone else said:

06/28/2011 04:14 PMPosted by Dolcetto
If I tell my customers I will give them a bottle of Caymus Cabernet on Tuesday and they show up and I give them 2 buck chuck I would not expect them to shop at my store anymore.

And this is a great example. YES! Mistakes happen...I'm sure even the "account cancel-ors" realize that. But don't chastize US for being pissed that we got screwed.

To blizz: we realize this was an error and I, at least, appreciate you telling us straight up what happened. Thank you. But, this does need some sort of compensation a little more than just the mail of gold a good portion of us didn't really care to have.
06/28/2011 02:26 PMPosted by Hankchinaski
Can't do anything about it = too much work for them to do anything about it I'd guess. You know they keep backups/snapshots of toons of some sort to restore them after they are hacked so I'm sure they have the data available - they just are not willing to go through the effort of looping over all the toons in the game and doing the reimbursement in some kind of custom engineered script or whatever. I could be wrong but that's my guess.
You clearly have no idea the massive amount of work that would go in to this, as well as unwanted complications with players who had already spent the gold, etc.

Be thankful they don't do like some games and just do a roll back and give a big eff you to everyone who had made money / gotten loot in the last 24 hours.
Epic fail is epic. I suppose this isn't as bad as 4.0 with guilds spending hundreds of thousands of gold to level up their guild asap only to have everything undone, but still pretty disappointing. So, bug or glaring oversight? I assume the latter. You better find Path of the Titans and Abyssal Maw soon Blizzard.
I thought the conversion was taking place today.

So...yea, no problem for me.

Same... I figured they wouldn't want to risk us overstocking in points for free "lolgear" anyway, since they had the "you must obtain X# of Honor to buy said weapon in this season..."

So meh... it's not like it's THAT big of a deal... the only whiners here are the cheesers who were going to use said exploit to said advantage... and I'm pretty happy Blizz is cracking down on those kinds of exploits...
06/28/2011 11:33 PMPosted by Pinkunicorn
gold is all-but-useless to me. I've had more gold than I could possibly need for a very long time.

06/28/2011 11:33 PMPosted by Pinkunicorn
And yeah, I could sink the gold I got into enchant mats and Embersilk, but A) it won't get me anywhere near as far as the honor would have, and B) there are a lot of price-gouging jerks on my server.

Well i also just noticed that the "earned honor for this season was reset" which makes it impossible to get weapons unless someone regrinds that 7200 and up mark for the gear.

And i now recognize the benefit of having the conquest to spend before the next season to gear up for it.

But i think on the bright side, folks can now stockpile their conquest for the next season beating the conversion since it already happened right?

OR do they intend to do a second conversion next week?

would be nice to know, they mentioned it was done early nothing about if they're going to do it again. It would be somewhat of a nice reimbursement to be able to start stockpiling now for next season.
After reading through the posts in this thread I think Blizzard should rename this patch "Rage of the Entitled Crybabies"

I can't believe how much fuss is being kicked up over having to do a little bit extra pvp. It's a game and now you have an excuse to play the game a little more.
Thanks for admitting the mistake and apologizing. I hate the loss of my consquest points, especially since I specifically saved them for the conversion but I understand stuff happens.
Blizzard has agreed to reimburse you all with a brand new shiny epic cloak...please see Thrall in Hyjal for details. Thrall is very sorry but he stole your points, and used them to buy his new epic mount...Aggra.

06/28/2011 02:52 PMPosted by Bazy
I'm wondering what people were going to spend the extra honor on that has people so upset? The only thing I can think of is trade goods/enchanting mats.

finishing a second set, fixing the "You can't stack two 2-piece bonuses, sneaky Rogrux!" situation any more.

While I'm not terribly upset by this, I think the "Whoops guys, our bad." is a flippant and arrogant response. I know it wasn't likely Bash who did this, and it's unfair to put him in the spotlight to be directed all of this anger.

Also, mostly what people are upset at is that a valuable currency (Honor, Conquest, Justice and Valor points) were converted early into a worthless currency (in game gold). Those who worked really hard to get enough currency to buy what they were told was going to be available, then couldn't, feel offended.

The differences between PVP and PVE in this game are becoming staggering. Some play the game specifically and only for PVP, some do the same only for PVE. Why they decided to give the PVP side a week grace period? Not sure, but they decided to do it.

It would be like saying, "Next week you'll be able to purchase all of your Cataclysm Tier-1 raid pieces with Justice points, but only for one week." and then instead completely removing those items from the game. People who wanted to finish out a second set, or in some cases a third set, are left holding currency they didn't really want in the first place.

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