4.2 Feral Bugs

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Please hotfix all of these soon, blizzard.
bump for justice

How do they even mess up Skull Bash? I'm trying to understand how an ability that has no use for an exclusion zone list some how doesn't function in one area of the game.

I could not have said it better for a while there last night I was going insane turning all my addons on and off and looking to see if it was macro issues nice to know I am not insane lol
bump bump! please fix!
At first i thought it was only me, then i asked the other feral in raid to try~ turns out that he couldn't do it as well.
Was anyone able to Skull Bash before they hotfixed out the Guild Standards?

We're aware of the issue with Skull Bash and are working on a fix.
Appreciate the response, thank you.

What of Thrash/FR tooltip?
06/29/2011 11:22 AMPosted by Sapperwix
We're aware of the issue with Skull Bash and are working on a fix.

errr... does that mean you weren't aware of the others? any chance a fix could be worked on for those, too?
So, any word on Thrash?
Also, not particularly game-breaking, but the tooltip for FB still indicates a 35 energy cost.
For what it's worth, I was able to skull bash prior to the guild standard hotfix. According to our World of Logs, I put the debuff up 5 times early in our raid before it started giving me the error message.

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Skull bash is working for me in Firelands right now.
Not letting this go until Thrash is mentioned.
i used cat skull bash on firelands trash last night. it seems to be working.
An update on the Thrash bug would be very helpful, Blizzard. I don't want to continue being embarrassed when my healers ask me why they pulled intial threat on an AoE pack. I even started clicking pre-emptive HoTs off. No dice.
So, about that Thrash....
A fix has been applied, Skull Bash should be usable in Firelands now.
Please make a separate thread for thrash.
*Recalls the rule about one bug per thread...*
Okay, should we make a new thread or just pull up an old one with the same issue form a couple of patches back?

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