[H] Myrmidon (9/14) Recruiting

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Myrmidon (of US:Korgath-PvP 2:1 A:H ratio CST timezone) has decided to embrace an aggressive raiding schedule and is looking for serious raiders to add to our ranks.

About Us:

We're one of three guilds in the world that cleared all Heroic DS during Cataclysm without voice-chat. With SoO we're returning to serious raiding and are shedding some extra weight that is not up for the challenge and looking to acquire raiders who are.

Our Raid Style: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fxOW3L890c


Melee - Warrior (SMF)*
Ranged - Mage, Druid (boomkin)

- Warrior (OS SMF), Paladin

- Holy Paladin, Resto Druid

*A Holy/Prot Paladin is ideal, as is a Resto/Balance Druid, and a Prot/SMF Warrior.
Plus a strong mage would be ideal.
Additional Info:

Raid Times (CST)
Raid Times = Wed/Thu/Sun 9:15pm-12:15mid
How to Apply
Fill out an app at: http://clickthelightwell.com to get the ball rolling

PLEASE NOTE: We don't recruit individuals who share their account. Doesn't matter who. If someone else has access to your account, we don't want you.

It is essential to us that every member is fully responsible for what transpires on their character(s).


Inside Myrmidon (A deeper look inside):

We are very playful and fun adult only guild. There is a substantial amount of harmless and good natured teasing that transpires in our environment. We stress the tenants of respect and honesty. When needed we do not hesitate to call out and identify problems in an expeditious yet productive fashion. We don't finger point or shuffle blame, but instead own up to our mistakes or bad play without delay. A healthy sense of humor and a strong moral core is imperative for long term survival here.

Leadership is profoundly fair yet extremely blunt. Many issues, including progression, are handled in a genuine 'team' way. There are no ego's and elitist attitudes here, as all the hazing effectively makes being full of yourself impossible.

Adult minds only. Basically be in your 30's or a mature 25+. We got no time for kids.

New to WoW or raiding or old to it, it doesn't matter. Ability to listen, take direction, think on your feet, excel at your role, and show the hell up or give advance notice is what matters. In fact I'd rather have new players then old salty dogs with baggage.

What Others Say About Us:

"It is an honor to raid with you all." - Former app/trial, now core member

"You guys are progressing, you raid times work for me, and you guys are fun to raid with" - PUG turned app/trial turned core

"I ran with you guys last week and enjoyed myself" - PUG turned app/trial

"Raiding with you all has always been a great experience" - former core, now inactive member

"I'm tired of associating myself with trash players. You guys seem to be the type of wow players i like, ones that aren't morons who know a lot about the game, and who believe in quality over quantity in your guild members. " - Cata raider, currently inactive

I have raided once or twice with pony I can say he does run a good raid and they are successfull and fair, but if you get your feelings hurt or wear your heart on your sleeve you might have a hard time.. He is fair but honest and does not pull punches on any one even himself
Still looking for exceptional players =)
This is where you want to be, people. Believe it.
got any range dps spots left? a few buddies of mine said they might be raiding w/ you (asria/karmix) and I'm looking for a group of nontards to raid the new content with. Hit me up in game on this toon or my ret (grumblernuts).
On an additional note, we also take care of our own. while gear requirements/item lvls are a big boost, on the previous server our top dps started out in simple hero gear. They came in like any other app, handled the sht jobs thrown at them, and were given a starting spot in under a week along with every pretty purple that could be given. Many other guilds have to toss up who to bring out of a pool of 20+. This group does it out of maybe 14. Those who are starters get starting spots in till they decide they no longer want to, and even back ups get well taken care of.
Also, despite the hardass appearance that pony gives, this raid is as chill in terms of interacting as any other group u can come across. The only difference is people separate business and pleasure. We mess up, get told what needs to get done, get our heads on straight, and stuff dies. No fuss, no mess, all shiny purples and we go on making fun of each other and having a good night.

This is not a guild, and it is not a raid. It is having a chance to see and experience all of 4.2 can offer with very little draw back and having a fun time doing it. You like your guild and its perks? perfectly fine. The only commitment you have to make is 9-12 for the choosen raids that night and pull your weight. You show up, do good/do what is required and get geared.

ps. wtb a pic that says the correct server im on.......
Doct! You're... undead!
It seems how ever people can not read a simple mail/message that says i will be gone for a week......
07/04/2011 09:48 PMPosted by Doct
It seems how ever people can not read a simple mail/message that says i will be gone for a week......

Well to my credit, I did keep saying "I'm pretty sure he's on vacation for a week." I had to delete all my old mails when I xferred. Yeah yeah I know I shoulda made a copy of some of the recent ones. I accidentally just did a mass old mail delete. I had like 3-4 pages of old mail. =^P

Edit: So yeah, 3 healers and 2 tanks LF DPS. Will be running stuff this week at our raid times. Once our group is complete, we'll be hitting both hardmodes and FL content with a vengeance.
Running trials this Wednesday night at 9pm server. Holler!

The web site is up.....some what.......
Still looking for apps *primarily dps* Should be moving into firelands this week, and holding trials through BoT, nef and 4 winds.
I would like to take this moment to bump this thread. Still need a few DPS. Thank you for your time.
This one is for the boys with the boomkin spec.
Typhoon. CC with the deeps to wreck.
When he come up in a pug, he be blowin up
Got casts so fast you cant inturrup
And his skill is real. He even gotta heal.
He top charts and he DoT you up for the kill.
Alone he pwn. He might cyclone.
He throw you in the air when you try to hearthstone.
He a mother cluckin trip trip. Got a lot of hit hit.
When he make it crit crit you'll just wanna quit quit.
That's the kinda deeps I was lookin fo.
And yes, you'll get spammed if you think you're pro.
I said, "Excuse me, you're a hell of a guy.
I mean my my my my you're deeps are so high.
I mean, you're so fly and you don't even try
I like never /cry cuz you don't ever die." Oh.

Yes he said, yes he said, "I'll join your team, girl. If its red its dead."
I got the best heals. I back the deeps up. Lets group up, I'll keep ya juiced up.

Boy, you got that Moonfire spammin away.
Insect Swarm and Starfire. Crittin all day.
Can't out deeps that boom badoom boom boom badoom BoomKIN.
Crit chicken for the win!
Boom badoom boom boom badoom boomkin.
Yeah, Boomkin for the win!
B-b-b-b-b-Boom badoom boom boom badoom boomkin.
Crit chicken for the win!
B- Boom badoom boom boom badoom boomkin.
Yeah, Boomkin for the win!

This one is for the ladies that solo
Femme druids who're balance are just so pro
She can out deeps the group with her eyes closed
And she even play it better than her beau, bro!
And you'll never see her die from a crappy respawn.
She ain't even gotta try to put her thorns on.
She just gotta root that mob, when she root that mob
She can slowly mana up, up uh.
Excuse me, but my mana is dry. You know, I'd love an inervate if you're ever nearby.
I mean, sigh, I can't deny that even when you stop your DPS is still high

Yes she crit, Yes she crit. All the casters in the raid love a crit chick!
I got the best heals. I back the deeps up. Lets group up, I'll keep ya juiced up.

from: http://youtu.be/-TLDvkAOQyw
Priority LF one outstanding Fury Warrior with a solid tanking OS.
Still accepting apps and running trials.

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