[H] Myrmidon (9/14) Recruiting

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I demand ice cream!
We have pancakes, pancakes, ice cream and pancakes, which has a little ice cream, k?
A few new recruits coming along nicely and I'm still excited weeks later to be a part of this group...

We still need a few more skilled, devoted and business-like individuals to round out the team (refer to first post for openings).
Recruitment has been going very well for us, and we are looking to lock down the last couple of slots. So at this point, just looking for 1, maybe 2, more dps that have valid and geared off specs. These can be tanking or healing OS's. Valid means full epics sans maybe 1-2 heroic blues.

These are for starting positions.

We have 10 starters now, but I employ a rotation system in order to maximize raid effectiveness per encounter, to allow flexibility with my raiders do to predictable and unpredictable circumstances that arise, and as a result to ensure raids are timely and efficient.
Myrmidon is about Quality > Quantity.

As such, we take our trial period very seriously and review our applicants under heavy scrutiny. It is not simply enough to 'pull the numbers', but you have to exceed our requirements in multiple ways. We are intentionally a harder guild to get into as a raider because we only want to work with quality individuals who are of the same mindset and demeanor when it comes to playing. Although we consider current raid experience a boon, it is not ultimately a requirement, as we value talent, dedication, and attitude above it. Your ability to rise above what your armory profile reflects is in your best interest.

We officially began FL's progression last night, downing Beth after only 5 attempts (less than 1.5 hours of time spent on her). She was selected specifically for her increased encounter difficulty in comparison to the other optional start bosses, and being less gimmicky. Currently our melee dps is learning to drive, and we'll continue our FL's progression this week as per our schedule.

*Please Note: If you are hard of hearing, or clinically deaf, but a strong raider facing continual discrimination for your disability, you will excel with us, as we employ only visual communication of an unmatched level in its effectiveness. Our strats heavily employ visual aids and much of our raid communication incorporates predefined macro's that communicate multiple pieces of information simultaneously. We speak your language and there is no sitting around waiting for someone to type out what is going on, you are right there in the conversation with us contributing equally as a valued member of the team.

*Lovepony moves her index finger facing down from one shoulder to the other, points at her ear, and then points at you.*
Always looking for quality players to join our team.
We're still trying to figure out what my disability is, but I'm pretty sure it was caused by Pony letting too many bosses hit me on the head...
Recruiting a healer, tank, and dps.

Healer - Paladin or Priest or Shaman
Tank - DK or Warrior or Druid
DPS - Warlock, Mage, Rogue, or DK
Recruiting a healer, tank, and dps.

Healer - Paladin or Priest or Shaman
Tank - Druid > DK > Warrior
DPS - Mage > Warlock > Rogue

So yeah, full raid was all on, Baleroc dead 1.5 hours later, and went up to the elusive Lord Rhyo, 2 attempts later, dead giant.

3 new bosses down this week, 3 more to go, and still lookin for 3 people.

What's with all the 3's, and why is this the 3rd setence of this post?!?
Healer - Paladin or Priest or Shaman
Tank - Druid > DK > Warrior
DPS - Mage > Warlock > Rogue

^ Still Recruiting a healer, tank, and dps.
Healer - Paladin or Priest or Shaman
Tank - Druid > DK > Warrior
DPS - Mage > Warlock > Rogue

^ Still Recruiting a healer, tank, and dps.

Alys down after 4 total attempts. Took 2 shots thursday night, came back tonight and got her on the 2nd attempt.
Rocking progression is rocking!
Still looking for quality players. We do guild friends as well of main raiders.
Come join us! clickthelightwell.com
Haven't stopped looking for quality players.
HIGH NEED for melee plate dps! There is zero plate dps 2hander or 1h str weapon competition here!
HIGH NEED for a healer! Class/spec is irrelevant, ability and dedication is everything!

Good lord give us some dps that want to show up and blow it up 3 days a week. It's only three days for 3 hours. You can even spend the whole time listening to your favorite music to boot.

If you're geared for FL and your guild is squandering around in T11 or only downing 2-3 bosses in FL's after 2 months, well get your butt over here and app! DUDE! We went 5/7 in two weeks but have stalled do to attendance problems stemming from RL and an under staffed raid roster.

"I need more men!" and those fuggers in the mountain will only answer to the king of Gondor!.... bastards.
Domo down....not bad for a transfer guild with almost no dps in a month.

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