[H] Myrmidon (9/14) Recruiting

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We are looking for exceptional players- Plate DPS and heals! Frost DK, Ret pally, or Fury Warrior are needed to fill the dps slot. Any healer class are welcome.
Seriously, try us out.

We have two raids that run each week.
- A main serious progression raid that runs Wed/Thu/Mon, which has only been held back by an understaffed raid roster (we got Rag to 20% in our first and only week on him pre-nerf).
- And a more casual alt raid that runs Tue/Fri, that has been doing full clears of everything it does since it started, and is now turning to FL's.

We're recruiting hard for 4.3 where we intend to be a major server contender, instead of coming into the game massively late like we did with 4.2 content.

What the hell do you have to lose?

You guys wouldnt happen to be interested in an arcane mage? My Firelands experience is 5/7 on my main(prot paladin) and 2/7 on this character but I do kno all the fights although I have never experienced Domo and Rag so I might be a bit off on the first few attempts. I am willing to server/faction change if I get a solid answer. Hit me up in-game if you have any questions. my real ID is kronik202@gmail.com. I would love to hear back

Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/Tyoshin/advanced

We are always looking for strong players of like minds, as we run our raids and guild in a very different style. It is therefor imperative that people are well suited to us. Mage is a class we are actively recruiting for, as we do not have one in our starting line-up.

If you'd like to get the ball rolling, visit us on the web and fill out our exceedingly brief app at http://clickthelightwell.com/

I would strongly suggest you read our 'about us' section on our site, as we are profoundly different in the way we operate than other raid guilds. I've already had a few trials see our progression and think that reflects what kind of guild we are, and then when they come into a raid are extremely intimidated and completely caught off guard to find out just how inaccurate their initial assumption was.

We are also recruiting for a less intense raid that transpires Tues/Fridays, but... honestly.. it's kidna packed with mages already. It could use another tank tho, especially one with a strong OS so the raid has more flexibility. It is starting FL's progression tonight actualy. The specific recruitment thread for this run can be found here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3226802708
We are continuing to look for main heals (druid, pally, shaman) and main dps (DK, ret pally, rogue, fury warrior) for HMs FL and the upcoming 4.3 raid.

Be sure to check out our website for information and register/post your application there!
Looking to replace one of our main heals who is currently on vacation in Europe*lucky sob*. Preferably a druid/pally. This isnt a "filler spot" till he gets back, its a serious main raider spot. Also have open spots for dps. We atm are focusing DKs, rogue, furry warriors, locks, and mages. However, if your a class i didnt mention that can bring the heat, you are more then welcome.

We are also looking for back ups. If your an awesome raider, but simply dont have the time cuz of school, work, your life as a street walker, you are more then welcome to place an app in. We currently hold trial/alt runs on Tuesday and Friday, and for well looking applicants, run trails during progression nights into HM FL. We arnt looking to mess around and are planning to gear up to steam roll when 4.3 comes out.

Please check us out at Clickthelightwell.com, read up on who we are, sign up if you like what you see. You wont regret it.
I am interested in joining this guild on my mage (yes the mage is horde haha). My only issue is getting the gear to get to the point to where I can raid as I only pvp'd until very recently, and now wish to change this.

If you are still interested in a mage please mail iwillgankyou on the horde side. I am on him frequently and will see the mail.

P.S. I am still gearing so I may be unable to raid until I have the appropriate gear.

Thank you for your time.
Driggle, if you are still interested in joining on your mage please go to our guild website, www.clickthelightwell.com and register there. You can copy our application template and post your application in the application forums. That way we know you are interested in a trial run for guildship and get you started on raiding with us.
This one is for the boys with the boomkin spec.
Typhoon. CC with the deeps to wreck.
When he come up in a pug, he be blowin up
Got casts so fast you cant inturrup
And his skill is real. He even gotta heal.
He top charts and he DoT you up for the kill.
Alone he pwn. He might cyclone.
He throw you in the air when you try to hearthstone.
He a mother cluckin trip trip. Got a lot of hit hit.
When he make it crit crit you'll just wanna quit quit.
That's the kinda deeps I was lookin fo.
And yes, you'll get spammed if you think you're pro.
I said, "Excuse me, you're a hell of a guy.
I mean my my my my you're deeps are so high.
I mean, you're so fly and you don't even try
I like never /cry cuz you don't ever die." Oh.

Yes he said, yes he said, "I'll join your team, girl. If its red its dead."
I got the best heals. I back the deeps up. Lets group up, I'll keep ya juiced up.

Boy, you got that Moonfire spammin away.
Insect Swarm and Starfire. Crittin all day.
Can't out deeps that boom badoom boom boom badoom BoomKIN.
Crit chicken for the win!
Boom badoom boom boom badoom boomkin.
Yeah, Boomkin for the win!
B-b-b-b-b-Boom badoom boom boom badoom boomkin.
Crit chicken for the win!
B- Boom badoom boom boom badoom boomkin.
Yeah, Boomkin for the win!

This one is for the ladies that solo
Femme druids who're balance are just so pro
She can out deeps the group with her eyes closed
And she even play it better than her beau, bro!
And you'll never see her die from a crappy respawn.
She ain't even gotta try to put her thorns on.
She just gotta root that mob, when she root that mob
She can slowly mana up, up uh.
Excuse me, but my mana is dry. You know, I'd love an inervate if you're ever nearby.
I mean, sigh, I can't deny that even when you stop your DPS is still high

Yes she crit, Yes she crit. All the casters in the raid love a crit chick!
I got the best heals. I back the deeps up. Lets group up, I'll keep ya juiced up.

from: http://youtu.be/-TLDvkAOQyw

this is the best thing on the internet, ever.
09/27/2011 04:38 PMPosted by Robk
this is the best thing on the internet, ever.

The parody or TheRealPony? Tossup imo..
We are still looking for great and experienced healers (hpally, shaman, druid) and melee dps (rogue, DK, fury warrior)! Check out our website for infomation and applying! :)
(Updated the original thread for what we are currently recruiting for, reflected below as well.)

We have two raids, our main progression raid, and our once a week Alt/Casual raid.

Main Raid Recruitment (Wed/Thu/Mon 9-12)
Healer - Paladin
Tank - Death Knight, Warrior
DPS - Mage, Warlock, Death Knight, Warrior, Paladin, Rogue

Alt Raid Recruitment (Tues 9:30-11:30)
Healer - Disc Priest
Tank - Druid, Paladin
DPS - Warlock, Hunter, Balance Druid, Rogue

The Main raid is primarily looking for:
- another Tank (Death Knight or Warrior) with a viable DPS off-spec (as we are 10man and periodicially have to change the raid configuration to suit the mechanics of an encounter)
- possibly one truly amazing Holy Paladin with a great attitude and strong dedication (as this position is not an easy to fill one, you have to be above and beyond)
- a plate melee dps (DK or War) especially that uses 2handers (cuz they are going to waste)
- a clothie ranged (Mage or Warlock) that is exceptional and can DPS strongly in high mobility fights, has amazing burst, and can also spec/do massive AoE dps. Dual Spec DPS that maximize themselves for the encounter are ideal.

What the Main Raid does NOT need:
- Druids or Priests. We have enough. We could use them in the Alt raid, but not the main.

What the Alt Raid does need:
- A reliable disc priest to complete the healing unit
- Basically Non-Mage dps
- Possibly another tank but has to have a valid OS.

Our Alt raids are very casual and extremely relaxed in comparison to the main raid. It's where we kick back and relax and have fun while still being effective, and as a result get stuff done. The Alt Raid is looking to start a FL's farm each week ASAP, but is currently farming T11 content as we get people acclimated to their new roles.

Please Note: Myrmidon does not call raids. If we cleared everything on mains, we pull out our alts and finish up what they didn't do previously on Tuesday. If we're ever short for whatever reasons, we PUG slots - main or alt raid makes no difference. Every time. We are always doing something. Which is the biggest thanks we get from new guild members who are tired of leadership that is tempermental or calls raids because their 'ideal members' aren't there or running late. Funk that! It's a raid night, we raiding bizznotch!
H Shannox down, making great progress on H Rhynoplastystompsgood and looking to down a few more in the upcoming weeks. This is where you want to be, folks.
Still looking for strong DPS.

Still interested in a warrior dps? 366 equipped, 7/7 exp spread throughout 3 characters. Can sustain about 25-28k dps.
Ragedsoul, we are still in need of a strong dps warrior. Fill out an application on our website clickthelightwell.com. Also, feel free to contact me in game.
Still on a lookout for a strong melee PLATE DPS for Main raids. Get to it, people!


Still looking for some dps... mage, warlock, rogue

We are still looking for ranged dps and a rogue. Apply at our website! :)
Bumping. We are looking for more prospective players for DS progression! Check out our website at


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