[H] Myrmidon (9/14) Recruiting

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Ultraxion down......

Still looking for people to flesh out the raid. Still no rogues and DKs in the make up.
sorry should of said warmaster.....my bad
12/06/2011 01:32 PMPosted by Doct
sorry should of said warmaster.....my bad

Or spine I guess.

385 Disc/Holy/Shadow (still finding my spot with the new gearing) Priest 5/8 experience Looking for a new spot to call home
I see that you posted an application on our forums - thank you for that.
Someone from the guild should be contacting you soon.
Recruiting for Main Raid:
- Tank (DK or Druid)
- Healer (Holy Paladin)
- DPS (Rogue)
12/14/2011 11:43 AMPosted by Lovepony
sorry should of said warmaster.....my bad

Or spine I guess.

Or Madness... err 1/8 H... I guess.
Still looking for quality players.
Updated recruitment. Still looking..
Myrmidon also hosts a weekly LFR DS raid every Tuesday @9:45pm server (CST). This is primarily filled with main raiders, some alts, backup raiders, and guild friends. Because this raid is more than half full of guildies, we normally kick dead weight players. So if you are looking for a regular LFR raid where loot isn't going to go to afk/dead people, or would like to see how you match up with some of my raiders, this is your chance to do so.

It is also a chance to see how we opperate in a raid atmosphere, obviously to a lesser extent on this nerfed to bejesus content, as we are a ventless guild and you'll see how we communicate and how we chain pull the content, which is why we clear 7/8 normal DS in one night usually in our main raid.

Last night we had 15 people total from guild and some interested apps show up. This as usual lead to our ability to strictly enforce the vote kick option, removing those big mouthed A-holes who sit around dead griefing the whole raid. We stop pulls whenever necessary to kick dead weight or griefers because we appreciate an enjoyable raid environment. We are paying for this game after all, and my raiders value getting their moneys worth.

It is for all intensive purposes like a Myrmidon 'open house' night or a extremely reliable static PUG LFR raid, and as such an opportunity to you.
H Yor down. Still looking for quality raiders.
Gratz on 2/8h
Continuing Main Raid Recruitment for exceptional players ready for Hardmode DS Raiding specifically.

Tanking - Blood Death Knight or Feral Druid
Healing- Holy Paladin more then capable of 2 healing encounters.
Damage - Rogue or Warlock or Mage

- All apps for main raid should have 4 pc t13 and 390 ilvl min.
-DPS that can not pull a minimum of 40k sustained, don't even bother to app for main raid.
- Applicants should have adept situational awareness, able to carry their own weight, and not expect to be baby sat or spoon fed content or strat/encounter mechanics; while being a positive contributor to the raid environment. ("Show up and Blow up" as we say).
These guys get !@#$ done, bump!
We are still actively looking for the above players Pony posted to apply for main raiders. Please contact via in-game mail or contact via officers. Check out our website at clickthelightwell.com for additional information!
Recruiting Ranged DPS. See my last post in this thread for details.
We are looking into finding Ranged DPS (Warlock/Mage/Elemental/Hunter preferably) but we would considered exceptional DPS and Holy Paladin are greatly needed.

Apply to us if this is where you want to be!

The details are in the OP

Don't wait!

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