[H] Myrmidon (9/14) Recruiting

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Updated progression and our modified raid times to reflect our new slightly later start.
Still looking for that one amazing Holy Paladin that will make the cut as we work on wrapping up the last 3 hardmodes in DS, unfinished business in other tiers, and push forward into MoP.

And could use some more Ranged DPS depth to our line-up.

Please read the original post for more in-depth details about our recruitment specifically.
Still looking for outstanding individuals wanting to continue pushing hardmode progression until MoP and after.

Especially ranged dps.
Recruiting exceptional players who want to get 8/8 hm before MoP comes out in the Fall.
Recruiting for hardmode DS and MoP raiding.
We have cookies for exceptional Ranged dps ready for Warmaster owning.
Recruiting Hunters, since they don't need an orange stick to be competitive with Melee.

- DPS need to be able to consistently perform at levels over +45k sustained as a minimum. (our guys average 48-56k)

Your logs say otherwise.
That was badly worded on my part, which I'll admit. It has been redone to be more understandable and accurate. The original statement, which you've quoted, was in reference to our previous line-up and their capbabilities on normal madness. Like any guild, we've had some changes over the last 6 months with our starting line up.

Those numbers were used because in my experience people often boast their 'best' dps possible in any raid encounter, and since the madness encounter typically has the highest dps output out of all DPS on 'average', I used it. So when I got apps, or whispers, or mails of people telling me they could do '50k dps!', I knew this normally meant on Madness with a double lust or just complete bullcrap.

Basically I was using a pre-emptive filter on B.S. dps'rs.

Legitimate and capable dps normally provide logs for review. Our app doesn't ask for logs directly, but we do ask for current guild and raid group, and thus we go look it up ourselves for those individuals applying to our main raid.

Problem is, a lot of the time we get apps from people who don't have any logs we can look up or even reference for us. So it makes it a little more difficult to weed out the undesirables, which is basically what the application process is for afterall.

- DPS need to be able to consistently perform at competitive levels given the content. Our starting MS dps usually pull between 45-55k on N-Madness for example, with backup raiders around 40-47k range, and OS's doing 30-37k. On the heroics we farm the dps falls between 25-35k, give or take the class and encounter and responsibility.
Updated the original post to reflect our recruitment for now and MoP.
Bump to show my support for this guild. Great Group, could use some help and more recruits for success and onward into MoP!
WhoRRAAAY!! Warmaster down! =)

Finally! After 2 and a half months of making my healers dps, we got some MS dps, and 6 attempts later baboom! (Although I think it felt more like 4 from 2 quickly called wipes, but anywho).

I know... I know.. woopie do. Welcome to 3 months ago, Pony. You're late. Yadda yadda.
I know. I get it. I really do. It's "not that big of a deal" and I shouldn't be so happy, even though I am.

Screw that haters, you're missing the point. Which is? We didn't give up after all that time. Think about it. Here in Immediate Gratification Cata and at the end of the expansion we kept at it until we got it. Now we're pushing on for the last two. As someone whispered me the other day while we were raiding, "A lot of guilds don't even raid now, they just sit around BS'n in trade." Not us, we're raiding and not just doing farm content or alt raids!

Woo! Woo! Not feeling like a leadership failure! (lemme have my moment. It's not like I picked the easy thing to do here with how we raid. :P :P :P)

WOOOOOOOOT! What a rush! =^) (which apparently became contagious to those I told about us downing it in-game. I think a lot of people miss that 'rush'. That's a shame really.)


Updated our recruitment endeavors. Always accepting exceptional apps. :)
We're still recruiting for this raid, but not much class wise in all honestly. I've updated the original post to reflect what we wouldn't mind having on hand to add further depth to our roster.
Well we just got our first Heroic Madness kill. To my knowledge that makes us the only 100% Ventless raid guild in the world to get their first kill this way, and without any individuals with previous kills on the encounter. (We're friends with the deaf guilds guys, and they still use it in some regard for their non-deaf members. We don't at all.)

Thanks again to all the folks who showed us support over the passed year and cheered us on. It's been appreciated. We're looking forward to MoP. Hope you are too! =^)

Oh yeah, kill shot: http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/6192/1280x800o.jpg
After a week of intense progression, Myrmidon is back to actively interviewing applications and trialing individuals.
We are recruiting a few select positions in our cemented raid roster heading into MoP.

- Boomer
- Monk
We are recruiting a few select positions in our cemented raid roster heading into MoP.

- Boomer
- Monk

We are currently looking for a DPS with Healing OS.
Sure would love us some monks.

One that DPS/Heals or DPS/Tanks.

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