Call to Arms: Alterac Valley Classic

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Played to level cap in old school wow before quitting for many years and this was the only battleground I had previously experienced, back when you had to go to the zone to que for it.

And it was awesome. Slow, yes, but it was a great mix of PvE and PvP and it was immensely more rewarding than its current iteration. The quests mattered. Can you even summon the elementals anymore? Has anyone done so in recent memory? The battle seemed epic, a far cry from the zerg-fest that AV seems to be these days. (Alliance to their right, Horde likewise.. Addon that lists times till burndown. ALL IN! ya. 'GG' or 'F U newbs, we suck', rinse and repeat.)

Why are there still quests in the zone if this is how you want it to be? They're like an appendix or a polydactyl digit. I'd love it if you'd bring the old design back, or something like it. Keep it out of random que so the ASAP nownownow point farmers don't go whinging about it and let the rest of us have some strategic fun.

07/01/2011 02:20 PMPosted by Foury
TLDR: Bring back Classic AV!

Thanks for that.
07/04/2011 03:20 AMPosted by Trolldkirl
TLDR: Bring back Classic AV!

Thanks for that.

You really should read the entire post, it's pretty awesome.
This thread also doubles as an answer to the blue post on how to win av.

... bumping this thread is the key to winning.
07/04/2011 01:22 PMPosted by Zoombie
... bumping this thread is the key to winning.

Yes. Yes it is.

I'm really hoping to spark enough renewed interest in the matter that Blizz will actually give some kind of response, because frankly we could use an injection of new fantastic epicness into PvP right now. I mean, a new arena season really only offers gear with bigger stats. The only battleground that's changed (much) in the last five years has been AV, and it's always been to take something out rather than to add in or simply make changes. I'm actually putting more effort into this call to arms than I am actually playing the game, because I feel this is just that darned important.

So please, keep the discussion going as long as you still want a bigger and better Alterac Valley experience!
Classic AV was the best. I played it shortly after burning crusade had hit, and it was the funnest thing in the game. The feeling when you had just finnaly pushed the enemy back and burned thier tower was just amazing in some games because of the difficulty of the accomplishment.

Having elite npc's was also amazing, along with actually being able to get a group to get the druids and ram riders moving. I just got the druids moving in the last AV i played. They didn't make it to the center of the map before the reinforcement count hit 0 for the alliance unfortunately.

What I found to be the best thing about AV is that it actually felt like a war. Not a battle, but a full out war.

The main reason that the reinforcements were implemented and ruined the time to gather recources to aid your faction was because back in classic and burning crusade you needed battleground marks of honor, which you got 3 for winning and 1 for lossing. That wasn't much of a problem for WsG, AB, and EotS. With AV it was extremely hard to get them seeing as the games could range from a couple hours to weeks (I actually got my Stormpike Battle Charger before they "nerfed" AV which i believe was 50 AV marks, but may be wrong). With the Elite NPC's, I suppose they removed them to compensate for the shortened games.

I find it funny that this thread is only 4 pages long right now (last AV call to arms the thread was capped), but i suppose that may be because the AV question was ignored in the PvP Ask the Devs, although it was the third highest rated because blizz supposedly answered the question many times (really was probably only once or twice) and the answer was AV is fine in it's current state, although in reality I'd say probably about 80% (just a rough estimate) of players who actually play the battleground dislike it, but that includes people who just dislike that it is a "PvE" battleground, people who dislike turtles because all they care about is gear and want the honor rewarded at the end, and then the players who remember the glory days of AV. Either way they seem to just be ignorant to the fact.

Edit: Was looking through the patch notes for the biggest "nerfs" to AV and I found them all at patch 2.3:

•Alterac Valley
•Additional Warmasters no longer report for duty upon destroying an enemy tower. However, destroying an enemy tower still eliminates the associated opposing Warmaster.
•All Warmasters are linked to each other and their respective Generals and can no longer be pulled individually.
•Honor from capturing towers has been increased.
•All Commanders and Lieutenants have left Alterac Valley in search for other battle opportunities.
•Players will no longer be sent to their starting tunnels on death unless that team controls no graveyards in the battleground.
•Many NPCs in Stormpike and Frostwolf holds are no longer elite
•Bonus Honor in Alterac Valley is now only awarded during the battle for destroying enemy towers and slaying the enemy Captain. Upon conclusion of the battle, bonus honor is also awarded for intact towers, a surviving Captain, and for victory in the battle. The total bonus honor awarded should be similar to the previous total.
•The Horde and Alliance now have a limited number of reinforcements available in the battle for Alterac Valley. The number of reinforcements available is reduced upon player death, loss of towers, and death of Captain Galvangar or Balinda Stonehearth. In addition, all available reinforcements are lost upon the death of General Drek’Thar or Vanndar Stormpike. If a team is reduced to zero reinforcements, the opposing team wins the battle.
•Towers and Graveyards in Alterac Valley are now captured in 4 minutes (down from 5).
Bring back the good old days! I just did a whole days worth of Alterac Valley and don't even feel a fraction of the satisfaction I got back when Alterac Valley took days to finish. +1 this needs way more attention
Bravo +1

Remove it from the random queue, make the honor vs. time played comparable to other BGs and then most would be happy.
Players didn't adapt to the changes in AV over the years. Blizzard adapted to the players and the way they were playing AV. I would love a caverns of time AV though but a lot wouldn't.
That has to be, by far, the most well written and thought out post I have ever read on my 5 or 6 years of trolling this forum. I don't know if blizzard will pay any attention, but regardless you have done everyone wishing for and epic av again a great justice in taking the time out to create such a post. If nothing else thank you for that. I agree with you, please bring back the epic av. There is enough bgs for the "Hurry gogogogogogo" and "don't defend or it will take forever" crowd.
07/01/2011 08:43 PMPosted by Moltke
AV needs alot of work, especially now its the holiday and i keep being placed in it, the BG sucks hard core, Horde base is so much easier to attack then the alliance base.
Not this weekend, since very few people bothered to defend their respective bases.

If they're not going to revert AV back to it's earlier implementation (which was a lot of fun) then they need to change the map. Mostly, make it smaller and force the teams to engage each other in order to advance. Racing past each other in order to complete PVE objectives is boring and dumb. It's a pure honor farm. Lose for ~300 honor, win for ~450 honor, all in about 10 minutes. Any attempt at PVP drags it out and makes it less efficient. So you are left to choose between efficiency and fun, and too many people go with efficiency.

Either go back to classic AV, or revamp it. Make it smaller and make it so that you prefer to PVP when you're there.
Miss the old AV :-( /signed
BUMP THIS, i want to see a blue post.
I never played Classic WoW because i started during TBC but i've heard enough about Classic AV and I want to try it for myself.
My friend once told me he left AV to go to school and came back into that same AV.

That, my friend is amazing.
+1 like

+1 sticky request.

all of my internets to you OP.
+9000 I agree 100% with everything you said. I want to summon units, have long drawn out epic battles, not just a rediclous zerg fest. Please change this blizzard.
There was a time when the question "who won av?" had meaning, and you knew exactly which game they were referring to, as the battle had been raging all day.

Warcraft has lost its epic feel in many ways, and would benefit from bringing some of the epic back.

07/05/2011 08:53 AMPosted by Digh
There is enough bgs for the "Hurry gogogogogogo" and "don't defend or it will take forever" crowd.

It's like how everyone complained about "loot tube" instances after BC. The dungeons were literally hallways, and although they were short, they grew stale quickly.

AV is short, and there isn't much to it. We know what we're missing, and we want it back.
Don't let this fall into obscurity, folks! Keep adding to the discussion or we'll never get AV restored to its full glory!

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