Call to Arms: Alterac Valley Classic

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YES! I can't wait for 4-48 hour alterac valley's!
Don't expect anything soon. We need to apply the pressure, I'd say to just keep this thread going and make sure it doesn't die. Whether the changes come next patch or next two expansions, AV will eventually get updated that is for certain. You can't expect a broken battleground with other 80 people fighting to get ignored.
Making hand-ins give honor instead of rep might motivate people to actually use it properly, that and reducing the amount of hand-ins for rams/wolves and their loot, that's if it stays as is right now. Considering pvp gear no longer requires the rep farm, I often wonder why hand-ins never changed to or were added an honor reward, even 1-5 per hand-in depending on what the items are. Though if the honor way is implemented there probably wouldn't be a need for reduced hand-ins since, hopefully, more people actually hand in items. But, personally, I find the resource cap to quite ruin the true feel of AV.

I would much prefer the OPs way though, which would make a place for PvPers that want to do a regular BG without all the honor farmers and afkers that couldn't care less about anything but the honor itself. Alterac Valley always has and always will be my favorite battleground even in it's current fun nerfed way. I've only managed to get lok summoned once since the resource cap was added QQ. But at least I can still get Guse out sometimes.
bump, i wana see old AV
07/09/2011 01:14 AMPosted by Joke
Do you like games built up entirely on boycotting/defending a general for 4 hours?

In a "battleground" like Strand of the Ancients, the decision whether to play defense or offense is made for you, and you are forced to do one or the other at a specific time. Some of us very much enjoy playing a purely defensive game, or we at least like being able to switch to defense or to offense whenever we choose to do so.

Long games are more immersive in general, and allow players to take full advantage of turn-ins and summons. This gives the defensive player several interesting options to enhance their gameplay experience.
During the week, I certainly don't have time to do much more than a quick random battleground or two*.

Today, however, I've got all morning available and I would absolutely love to spend it all on a single Alterac Valley battle.

*IoC and SotA always last exactly 15 minutes for me, and I mysteriously gain neither honor nor fun.
A refresh to Alterac Valley would pay large dividends. I put down some thoughts on revamping the bg as well and I think these ideas are far better.

My old guild on Dalaran is/was a long running consistent group. They were amongst the first guilds on our server to clear Molten Core and consistently raided every week until very recently. We maintained the same core of leadership and had very low turnover. The "retired" members still frequent our guild site and I know for a fact that multiple dormant players would dust off their subscriptions and get back in the saddle with something resembling a classic AV back in the mix.
07/09/2011 01:14 AMPosted by Joke
Do you like games built up entirely on boycotting/defending a general for 4 hours?

Would I enjoy having every battleground last 4 hours? No, of course not. As Foury said: as a practical matter, I do not have time during the week to enjoy an immersive battle such as classic AV. (For the record I consider classic AV to be AV pre-reinforcements, pre-elite NPCs being removed, etc. These games were not necessarily the 48 hour+ marathons that some people speak of, most AVs that I remember enjoying lasted between 30 min for a quick game and 3 to 4 hours for a longer game.) But right now all BGs are short games. I would love to have the option on a slow weekend of a long, enjoyable AV (I live in Arizona where it is ungodly hot outside right now).

The only reason in my opinion to design a BG with a large map and a team size of 40 is to encourage teamwork in performing various tasks: defending towers, assaulting towers, recovering GYs, killing NPCs to take away the opposition's buffs, turning in materials to strengthen NPCs and launch aerial assaults, etc. This also gives a team a wide variety of choices in how to conduct the battle. THAT is what I miss about AV. Some days I may want to defend, others I may want to attack. I'd like both to be viable, as they used to be.

As it stands right now, in many AVs the only measure of teamwork is how well you can herd the other 39 people toward the opposing general. Whichever team successfully herds more of its people toward the end wins. I'm sorry, that doesn't do it for me. And it appears that I'm not alone. While it is possible to make the game something other than a zerg right now, to do so requires either a stupid opposing team that is zerging, or you convincing half your team to defend the base from the beginning.

TL:DR: There are 8 BGs in WoW right now, all of which are tuned to last 30min or less, in many cases 20min or less. I don't see the harm in taking AV out of the random BG rotation, and undoing some of the changes meant to shorten the game. If nothing else, buff the generals/marshals/warmasters to disrupt the zerging.
Well when you say there haven't been too many epic battles, I'll have to agree and disagree with you, sure, most of the time its a zerg to each others base boss... But there are some gems in that pile of dirt that are just so amazing.

my most recent AV, both sides were playing heavy D, so then the Horde when on the attack, we met about half way inbetween the 2 bases, near the middle, and we started a mini war, it was constant fighting, and luckily, we had like 4 other healers (including me), we were healin out hearts out, DPSers were fighting like mad men, it was complete chaos, which, is good... I use the equation Chaos=Fun, lets just say I had a lot of fun that AV.

The best part was we kept pushing the alliance back to THEIR base, BUT sadly we couldn't get any further because there were some ele shaman and druids who kept pushing us off the bridge /cry :( But it was still pretty epic.

TL;DR Basically there are epic fights in AV, where u win by draining the resources, and it can be pretty epic at times.
I know a few people who agree that classic AV would probably bring them back to the game.
Hell, we have two factions who want nothing more then to bath in the blood of the other, and it's the NPC's that get to have all the fun.
Ah...this reminds me of the Vanilla four day AV's........sigh....memories burn so ever bright!
I wholeheartedly agree with the OP. I myself have never been in the Vanilla AV, but I sure as hell wish to be. It looks like so much fun.
Just a random thought. I wonder if Blizz has any idea which BGs their players actually enjoy playing. And I mean truly enjoy the gameplay, not just queue for the honor. The only way to truly find out would be to turn off BG honor for a weekend (after significant communication with the players, of course) and disable the random BG queue. Then they could track which BGs people enjoy running and which they don't.

I'm not proposing they do that now of course. This is just something that crossed my mind (the time to do it of course would be at the end of a pvp season, when most people have finished their gear grinds). I would guess that AV wouldn't get a lot of hits in such a situation. Based on the reactions I see in AV battleground chat upon joining it, it seems that most people are very unhappy to be there (their random queue placed them in AV) or are in there just for the honor (especially on AV weekend).

I wonder if with such information (assuming its true) Blizz would be more inclined to pay attention to threads such as this one. The optimist in me would like to believe that they want their players to enjoy the game. Food for thought.
Interesting thought.

The simple polls Blizzard sometimes uses wouldn't do it, but what about a longer survey? Something to the effect of "Rate on a scale of 10 how much you enjoy playing each battleground," perhaps, although the big issue here would be that it only surveys forum-goers.
i whole heartedly want to do a vanilla style AV. i started in early wrath and never got to enjoy it :( the closest i ever got was a 2 hour AV with bunches of healers on both sides. i still remember my first time seeing Lok. he ran the entire alliance team back to their bridge lol.

+1 for you, good sir. lets bring back an epic battleground that isnt about bum rushing the end, and lets start ENJOYING IT for what it was MEANT for!
Oh, and we could use an updated AV trinket. :)

It seems like they were going to update the trinket in WotLK, but chose not to. If you search for "Frostwolf Insignia" two level 80 versions will come up called Frostwolf Insignia Rank 7 even though rank 6 is the highest available in game. For some reason there isn't a Stormpike Insignia Rank 7.
As part of buffing the NPC's, it might be nice to get a little variety. Similar to how the Tol Barad quest has Shaman, Mage and Rogue NPC's, graveyards guards could spawn with a variety of random "classes" to add flavour. Trying to capture a graveyard when one of the NPC's is healing and another sheeping may help make it feel more immersive.

Also, did Galv and Balinda have NPC guards in the past? They are woefully underdefended, considering their rank.

Let's be sure to keep the discussion going folks, we won't be heard if we aren't saying anything!
I am on board with a reinstall of classic AV. I don't think it should be a replacement for the current adhd crowd. Let them have their exp, honor farm the way it is. But offer a classic version, perhaps let us get some titles or achieves from it.

Buff the hell our of the summoned bosses and Vann n Drek. Put ALL the NPCS back in the way again, not just on the Horde side.( and close the hole in the horde fence) Make it a world server que so it wont take lifetimes to get into. But you can leave out the part about hunters standing on the roof killing ppl lol.
AV was always terrible. The only reason people did it a long time ago was to farm the rep to get a quick epic since they were a lot harder to get back then.

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