Requires earning a total of 7250 honor points

Why do the vicious weapons require earning 7250 honor points during the season? The whole reason I waited till now to gear this guy up is because elemental shamans SUCKED in pvp and I didn't want to spend hours of losing arenas and battlegrounds to get my conquest/honor points. Now that the season is over and everyone can buy the weapons with honor points, you're telling me I still can't get them because I played other characters during season 9? Sweet...
you have to get 7,250 honor during season 10 to buy season 9 weapons. It does not matter if you did or didn't play before 4.2, you still need to make 7k in season 10 to buy the weapons.
So does the honor earned this week count towards the 7250 or will we have to wait until the new season for points earned to start counting towards the 7250?
This was part of the patch notes all along. You probably should have read them.
I did read them, but it still wasn't clear to me. Now it seems to be. We can earn our gear this week, but not the weapon. Starting next week, we can earn points toward the weapons. Sounds fine to me
Scroll over the emblem behind 3400 on the weapons. It tells you what you have earned so far.
06/28/2011 03:30 PMPosted by Malarkie
Scroll over the emblem behind 3400 on the weapons. It tells you what you have earned so far.

I noticed this as well. I'm assuming you can get your Vicious weapon before next Tuesday since it appears to be keeping count. O_o
06/29/2011 07:11 PMPosted by Anatomyz
"i neglected my alt during the whole last season but now my class got buffed and i want to play it, why cant i have free gear"

as any caster knows, the pvp wep should be one of the last things to buy anyway. weapons don't drastically affect a casters performance. sure its nice to look at but gear should come before weapons, unless your a melee ele shaman

edit : Red text =(
it takes like a day to get the honor, i farmed the whole set already it didnt take very long.

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