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Many do not know Azeazel but to us she was a great friend and person to have in dungeons and raids. We spent many hours with her in Vent and Teamspeak discussing everything from in game events to in real life events. On June 10, 2011 Az passed away to her year long struggle with cancer. She always helped anyone in need and told jokes all the time. Always had stories that were fantastic or discussions about current world events. Our Guild TMV had a memorial for her in the Brill Graveyard which was well attended by those that knew her and a run in her honor was made threw Molten Core.

I'm making a request at this time to the blizzard developers that a gravestone or NPC be placed in game in her honor as she touched so many people in Earthen Ring. I make this request with the knowledge that Anthony Ray Stark 1961 - 2005 lays resting in Hillsbrad overlooking the sea. Caylee Dak March 10, 1979 - Aug. 22, 2007 who also died of cancer and another friend of mine personally, player Armondo irl: Ossex. (I never knew why he dissapeared until I was looking up the others.) These players and I'm sure others are memorialized in game throughout Azaroth.

If our request is granted we would either like a grave marker in brill graveyard "Diane Lynde 1963 - 2011". Option 2: an Auctioneer with her character name in Undercity. Az spent a lot of her 2 years in WoW standing in front of the Auctioneers making items for friends and selling and buying items for herself.

Thank you for your time
Diane Lynde or Azeazel, as i will always think of her fondly, was my friend. I spent many a night running randoms with her and laughing the time away. When it became clear that her days were closing....she vowed to enjoy the time she had remaining. She loved this game and we, all who knew her were blessed to know her. This game was blessed to have her play and be a part of it cause she helped so many ppl and was a champion of her beloved action house.

She loved the Undercity and to me that will be the place i think of her most. I ask humbly that you let her be a part of that city as Actioneer Azeazel and allow us to at least hug her one more time here in Earthen Ring, even though we can never do it again in the real world. Since she cannot thank you, I will. Thank You for listening to my request.

Azeazel made this a better realm to play in and i'll hope you'll help remember her for it

Thank you for your time
What was written under vollux was mine..cause i'm a noob....But Azeazel was the best

Thanx again for reading
Yes, Diane/Azeazel meant a lot to a lot of people. As Dora said and Vollux said, it would mean a lot to so many people to have this request granted... To be able to hug her even if online alone. Meh! I named a Meeroo after her on SL. But seriously, she was a wonderful person and did so much for others. She made the realm and the game a better place, and her strength throughout everything is/was inspiring.
Miss you, love you Az!!!
Diane Lynde/Azeazel was one of the few reasons i kept playing last year she always had a funny comment, or a good chat going when i would log in. She spent most of her time in the Undercity Auction house making items and selling them. All the time building up to help out her friends donating cloth, leather, chanting materials anything she had or could buy. We have all benifited from her help and friendly conversations, she has even taken a few newbies to the game under her wing to help fund and teach bringing them into our group until they moved on more experienced and much better geared by the time they left. When i found out her time was short i travel accross the country to meet her in person, I was one of the few to know her in real life even if it was only a few days and as much work as she put into this game i would love nothing more than to see her become part of it as Auctioneer Azeazel. We can all still see her that way and haggle her out of a few more items.
I didn't know Diane/Azeazel that well, but she really made an impact on me in game and speaking with her on Team Speak, she was really well loved and respected. I can't think of a better way to pay tribute to such a kind and generous person then having them be a part of the game, whether it be as a tombstone in Brill or as an auctioneer vender. She is missed very much and if she became a part of the game, it will be as if she is still here.
Azeazel was a great person in game and off. I spent hours chatting with her and talking through Vent while she listened (grrr!) If I ever needed anyone to run with or just to chit chat with for a few hours, she was always there. I recently learned of her death and I'm truly great full that I had the privilege of knowing her. She will be missed!! I'd LOVE to see some sort of Blizzard dedication to her in game. RIP Az. :)
I ran with Az extremely briefly ... but I've recieved some good advice from her that has helped me bring Garavainus to the level that he is.

She was a beautiful person and I know that Blizzard has the honor to allow us to honor her with a tribute on Azeroth.
I've not run into Azeazel at all, but from what people have told me and what I've heard, this person is more than deserving of a grave-stone to honor her. It would be a HUGE dishonor to -not- give her a gravestone in some way, make her remembered and become a legend in more than just memories.

I don't ask for much in true seriousness, but Blizzard.


Give this woman a Grave Stone. She deserves that much.
I never met Az. but it doesn't stop me from feeling sad.

/moment of silence
I only spoke to her a few times, but she was always kind to me, and was an outstanding person.

She deserves to be honored.
It's nice to see other Earthen Ring members step up and help. It warms my heart to see that the memorial I planned has had farther outreaching areas than just in game. Please Blizzard, see it in your heart to grant this one request. You would make many people in Earthen Ring very happy.
Although I did not know her personally, what I had heard about her from friends was all positive, and she sounds like a great person to have been friends with.

Her continued presence here as an npc or just a reminder on a gravestone will always be cherished by those who knew her.
Az... Azeazel as most know her was a great friend... We all know its not we whom get to decide who dies and who lives... We dont get to chose who we care about or who we dislike... I cam to earthen ring back in 08-09 I do believe. I came to Earthen Ring because my friends stopped playing on a diffrent server and one of my real life friends played on ER. After i struggled to lvl my warrior up I asked to becoem apart of TMV. My friend Hëäl wasnt on much and I wanted to get to know people alot better in the guild. I was in a guild full of people i didnt know and was afraid and Diane just opened up and started helping me... Got me geared with Odo and Dora. Tought me the dungeons and bosses. Took me along with raids, helped me get gear, buy gear, gems and enchants. I didnt chose to be her friend... I'm sure none of us did cause she really knew how to force her way lol. She just picked people an MADE them her friends lol. It was almost, no, it WAS impossible not to like her. Out of all the times ive talked with her, helped her and just sat there with her in vent i NEVER heard of anyone disliking Az. she was everyones best friend an she truely deserves to be honored an put into the game. my biggest regret was that i was never able to fully repay her and thank her for all her help and that i wasnt able to save up enough to go see her in time...

Youll truely be missed and we all love you. Know youre in a better place Az... And you BETTER be havin fun too....
My main toon on WoW is Ktawoda. I knew Azeazel for most of my time playing WoW and she has ALWAYS been a good friend, a confidant, a person that you knew, even if you never met her in person, would be someone you would be proud to call FRIEND. We met through an act of kindness and selflessness and that act bonded us together in a way that few people have the chance to ever experience in their life. She touched my life in a way that I will never, ever forget and I can only hope that I can be a fraction of the person she was both in game and in real life. If anyone deserves to be remembered and immortalized it would be Azeazel/Diane. She was a true Friend and a beautiful soul that I ever had the honor of knowing. She is someone that should never, ever be forgotten and passed over as she would never think twice of giving of herself, even to the end.

Please, Blizzard. Hear the voices of those who knew Azeazel and answer us. Let us memorialize this beautiful woman and wonderful player who gave so much of herself selflessly. She was the epitome of the honor it means to be a Human Being in this world.

Thank you.
I too ask that Az be added somewhere in Undercity. Though we only knew Az a short time, she did her best to include everyone in the runs and was quick to offer any advice or suggestions that anyone had regarding WOW. I'm sure she is bartering somewhere right at this moment. R.I.P. Diane!
Az was always a great friend and a great person talk to. She always listened if something was bothering you and always had a joke waiting. I cast my vote for either option to happen in her memory please.
Please blizzard hear the cry's of people who lost a great friend, and grant their wish's. I knew her for an short while, she help me become more then just another character in an game, but more of friend to all that needs help, she taught how to go get along with others and show us how to run instances. So please blizzard I don't ask, I beg that you hear the cry's of the others and make their wish's come true for Azeazel.

I never thought I would enjoy playing wow or even having online friends until I met Az. Her witty sense of humor and passion for helping others to succeed is what caused me to continue playing. She took me under her wing upon arrival and helped me in every way possible. I would never expect more kindness from any other person than what Az gave to everyone.

I truly hope this request can be granted to memorialize Az as she should be.

Please, Blizzard. Hear the voices of those who knew Azeazel and answer us. Let us memorialize this beautiful woman and wonderful player who gave so much of herself selflessly.

No disrespect but this will never, ever happen.

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