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*smiles* None taken, but it already has happened gravestones and npcs in the game already mark players, developers, family of designers and many other people. We aren't expecting this to happen. It was a kind thought for a dear friend who put alot of time and effort into helping others, it is simply a way to remember her and others to see her character rather they know what it's for or not.
Az was a very kind and helpful person. She will be missed by a lot of us in the game . she has helped many become better players with her advise . She was a very sweet and loving person.

Thought I'd pop in for a moment of silence myself, I never actually met Az. but it sounds like she was a great person.
./moments of silence
i have known az for almost three years in wow through two different guilds she was a wonderful person to know and play with, over a year ago when we had found out she had cancer we were crushed but very supportive of her and her treatment and she was always a trooper about it all god bless her....she was always like a mother figure in the guilds i had the pleasure of being in with her and would help any one out without being asked cause she was that kind of person ..blizz plz listen to our hopes of haveing a gravestone put up in her name.so that we can always stop on by to say *hey az*.....ty
I can not say things any better than others before me. She was a wonderful person, a great guildmate, and one of my closest friends. I truely miss her. Just to give you a perspective of how important this game was to her, and all of the friends she had made through it, Az had internet connected into her room at the hospice and her computer set up in her room so she could spend her last days enjoying the game she had played for so many years as well as be in the company of her friends.

I understand normally, asking for such a request, would be asking for more than a normal player could expect, but in this situation Diane exemplifies the player Blizzard wants populating their games: a kind, helpful soul that enjoyed and participated in all facets of the game. She would take time from her gameplay to help others, even at times those she did not know, and made the Earthen Ring server that much better of a place.

For this to happen her family will have to contact Blizz directly and request it.

A forum post ain't gonna cut it.


Please, Blizzard. Hear the voices of those who knew Azeazel and answer us. Let us memorialize this beautiful woman and wonderful player who gave so much of herself selflessly.

No disrespect but this will never, ever happen.

That is about sum it up, i didnt really know "her" and don't know how she really effected ER in anyway (Being here since TBC).

Its would be a great idea but never going to happen. Because they do it once, then everyone want to do the same thing of the other thousands..million of players that pass away..that be one big graveyard lol.
This was tried on Emerald Dream when a guild tried to have a memorial for a fallen guildie who was killed in Afghanistan.

Nothing ever came of it and that was 4 years ago or so. I give my condolences for your comrade, but like Poppop and Icrown stated, I do not see this happening either, but I wish you the best.

I knew Azeazel for several years, as she was one of the first people who reached out to me when I first joined WoW. She was quiet-spoken and kind, as others have already said. To those who knew her, or came into contact with her, Azeazel made a huge impact. Whether this petition works or not, I'm encouraged to see the people who have come together to say something positive about her, or to share memories with Azeazel.
I've decided to post this again it's been over a year and no response even though Odlaw was given boots to memoralize his death.
ive known diane for 10 years and when i lost track of her on playing wow last time i talked to her i would of loved to at least said more things before all this happened fair well diane... many years of gaming before WoW

I Did not even know she had cancer...sigh

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