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I searched around quite a bit last night and found no results so I posted the following on the tank forums.

Was doing a troll heroic tonight and noticed that tab targeting and auto targeting mobs (ie - mob dies, Shield Slam etc) would target mobs that were already dead.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Apparently it's not just me.
I noticed it happening to me during trash runs in Firelands last night. Annoying.
This happens to me all the time. We're all warriors so I guess we can assume it's a warrior problem?
Nope its happened to me too as paladin tank in both firelands and also stonecore, and on my druid alt in a few northrend dungeons. Tab targetting seems to pick up the dead mobs, but whats worse I am finding is that manually targetting a living mob and hitting Mangle/lacerate etc and the targetting jumps back to the dead mob.
this is happening to me on my pally and druid, very annoying
It's happening all over to all tab-targeters, there are multiple posts about it.

I've experienced it in firelands, utgarde pinnacle, etc. It seems to be targeting the last target killed.
Yeah, keeps happening to me too, so it's not just a Warrior problem lol.
yep, i actually came on here to post a forum about this exact issue. It's not only you.
Reaaaally annoying for a tank ><
confirming this happens a lot.
Extremely annoying.
It was happening to me on my feral druid. I thought it had something to do with combo points on the dead mob, but I guess it's a general bug.
Come on blizz fix this, its annoying
This is particularly irritating for tanking, since you might not realize it right away and spend 3-5 seconds not generating any aggro.
This happened to me on my dk/pally as well, tank or not. I didnt tab but just smashed death strike/hammer. :S
please fix it already blizz
Blizz, can you please update us on a potential fix or a work around for this problem. This is greatly annoying and seems to be affecting every class.
<--- also effected by this really annoying issue.
Has happened to me as well, inside instances mostly.
very annoying!! Blizz plz fix this!!
having this problem also!!
07/01/2011 05:43 AMPosted by Muspel
This is particularly irritating for tanking, since you might not realize it right away and spend 3-5 seconds not generating any aggro.

Yes, this happened several times to me on my druid tank. I will be trying to lacerate something, and realize that the ability isn't working, and I will notice I have a dead mob targeted, even though I KNOW I just clicked on the one I wanted to attack.

I was ready to blame my mouse...thinking that it was inadvertently clicking again while moving the cursor, although I'm glad that's not what the problem was.

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